On-job J.M. Program Admission in 2012


Training Feature and Objective

Basing on law science, J.M. program (Program Code: 035100) – with civil and commercial law, economics law (specially finance law and fiscal & tax law), and international economics law as highlights – benefit greatly from the rich leading-level resources of economics and management subjects in China. The program demands that students shall gain a complete mastery of economics and management as well as knowledge of law science. By further promoting professional competences and abilities, on-job J.M. students could create broader development space for themselves, and be high-level compound and applied law talents.


Curriculum and Credits

The curriculum was divided into compulsory courses and selective courses with 45 credits in total.

Major courses: Deng Xiaoping theory, English, jurisprudence, topics on constitutional law, topics on civil law, topics on commercial law, topics on contract law, topics on intellectual property law, topics on criminal law, topics on criminal procedure law, topics on civil procedure law, topics on administrative law and administrative procedure law, topics on economics law, topics on international law, topics on international economics law, topics on international private law, topics on finance law, topics on securities law, topics on tax law, topics on labor and society security law, topics on trade secrets protection law, judicial ethics, judicial frontier forums ...


Educational System

Educational system: 3-year system. Students shall employ spare time without staying away from job.


Training Methods and Degrees Conferring

Considering the characteristics of J.M. students, Law School has worked out its own training schedule which is an organic combination of SHUFE’s advantages and the requirements of “Postgraduate Program Guide for J.M.”. Credit system is adopted (45 credits in three years). Tutorial system is available during the whole process of study. Tutors will guide students to complete the study and research projects, including thesis writing instruction.

After achieving all the credits, passing all the exams, paying required tuition fees and reaching other requirements of SHUFE and the Ministry of Education, the students will be qualified to attend Master Degree oral thesis presentations. After the approval of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, students would be awarded the degree of J.M. as well as master degree certificate that uniformly printed by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council.


Total Enrollment

The total enrollment of on-job J.M. in 2012 is 75.


Applicants’ Qualification

Qualified applicant shall have working experiences in political legal departments, branches of National People's Congress system, or other practical legal affairs with bachelor degree or above ( before July 31, 2009). The applicant in political legal departments shall hand in the “Qualification Examination Form” with of his/her work unit’s confirm and provincial government’s official seal. Other applicants shall hand in the “Form” with recommendations given by their work units’ personnel. The acceptance rate of non-political legal system applicants is no more than 20% of the enrollment of the entire university.


How to Apply

The registration includes two stages: online registration and confirming on the spot.

1. Online registration: Applicants shall visit the unified national registration website named Chinese Degree and Postgraduate Educational Information Net (hereafter referred as Degree Net, the website is http://www.chinadegrees.cn) from June 25 to July 10, 2012. The registration shall be completed following the requirements and instructions in the website. “On-job J.M. Program Registration Form in 2012” generated thereby shall be printed.

Applicants can visit our school On-job J.M. Program Registration System to reserve contact information so that J.M. Center could keep applicants informed in time.

Special tips: All the applicants shall submit registration information and upload recent digital photograph within the stipulated time. All the information shall be correct and updated in time.


2. Confirming on the spot: The applicant shall arrive at the appointed location to verify identity document, pay entry fee, and confirm and sign on the application form, with registration number, valid identity certificate (the second generation identity card or passport), and “On-job J.M. Program Registration Form in 2012” . The valid period is from July, 13 to 16, 2012.

Special tips: All the applicants shall take valid identity certificates with them (the second generation identity card is limited for the citizen living in mainland China).

The applicants would not be admitted if they don’t meet the relevant requirements or provide false information. Meanwhile, the registration form printed on the spot shall be signed by examinee and cannot be changed after that. Examinee shall bear all the liabilities arising therefrom.

Applicants shall register online and confirm on the spot within the stipulated time. The registration without confirming on the spot is invalid.

Applicants can download admission ticket from Degree Net after October 17.


Exam Subjects and Date

The preliminary exam is national examination. The exam subjects are English and professional comprehensives including criminal law, civil law, law theory, Chinese constitutional law and Chinese Legal History. The date of preliminary exam is October 28, 2012; the specific date on the admission ticket shall prevail.

The second-round exam is organized by our school and carried out in the form of interview. The exam content contains political theory, professional competence and comprehensive quality etc. Our school decides the fractional line of second-round exam on its own according to preliminary exam score. The specific items such as the fractional line, date and location of second-round exam are expected to be published on the Postgraduate Application Admission Net (website: http://yjs.shufe.edu.cn/structure/yzw/index.htm) at the end of December in 2012. Please pay close attention to the notice published on the website, for the written notice won’t be given any more.


The Syllabus for Preliminary Exam Subjects and Bibliography

1. “The English Testing Syllabus of On-job J.M. Degree National Examination” (Science and Technology Literature Press);

2. “Professional Comprehensive Examination of Postgraduate Recruitment Syllabus for On-job J.M. Professional Degree” (China Renmin University Press, 2012)


Qualification Examination and Materials Submission

The qualification examination for registration of various professional degrees is carried out in the stage of second-round examination. Good moral characters are necessary, such as integrity and conscientiousness. The applicant who fails to meet the requirements or provide false information would not be admitted and shall be liable for the consequences.

The applicants who reach the school score line shall log into the Degree Net to download “Qualification Examination Form” in time, and submit it to personnel in his unit after signing. This form shall be approved, filled in recommendation, also with official seal on the digital photograph. The form of applicants in political legal system shall be sealed by provincial government in addition to the recommendation filled by personnel.

Applicants shall bring the following materials (copies in the form of A4 for filing) for qualification examination when they attend second-round examination.


1. Original “Qualification Examination Form”.

2. Original identity card and two copies of it.

3. Original academic certificate and two copies of it. If any, original degree diploma and two copies of it. The academic certificate and degree diploma abroad shall be certificated by CSCSE of Education Ministry, with its certification report submitted at the time of qualification examination.



The graduate admissions office in SHUFE

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