An Overview of Academic Program

The Academic Program in Chinese Law is a Graduate Law program offered by Shanghai University of Finance & Economics Law School. It concentrates research on Economic Law, Civil and Commercial Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Theoretical Jurisprudence. The language of instruction is Mandarin. 

SHUFE Law has become a leading institution for legal education and a potent force for legal development in China, particularly in Shanghai. The Law school frequently collaborates with  local government, courts and business communities in analyzing the development of legal, social and commercial policy. SHUFE Law also has many international connections and partnership programs with leading universities and legal institutions around the world. 

This program provides a basic understanding in Chinese law. Leading faculty members will offer Chinese law courses specially designed for graduates. Teaching will comprise of both lectures and small-group seminars. Additionally, SHUFE Law regularly invites accomplished scholars and practitioners so that students will have first-hand access to heaps of fantastic presentations and speeches. There are also optional subjects in other areas such as accounting, economics and finance to facilitate students' understanding of law from different perspective. 

The Academic Program offers valuable internship opportunities to work in the top law firms and other famous companies in Shanghai to help students get a better legal practise. Through the program, students can establish a solid foundation for their career development in China.

The duration of the program is 2 years (4 semesters). The first year is full time course-work with class attendance. The second year is set aside for dissertation writing, legal practice and internship. Students are required to enroll in a minimum of 32 credits and write a master’s thesis. All graduates must attend the thesis defense before the end of the 4th semester in order to get a diplomat.



The students must take the National Graduate Entrance Examination first, after succeeding in the second round of interview, he/she will receive a enrollment sheet. Students can enroll in the program in the fall semester.


That how many students will be admitted to this program and be assigned to each major varies from year to year. Please keep an eye on to find the latest information.   

Eligibility Requirements

The program is only designed for Chinese-nationality applicants.

Applicants should comply with Chinese laws and SHUFE's rules and respect the leadership of Communist Party as well as be honest and have moral merits. Generally applicants may not be older than 40 years old. But there are exception for special students.

Applicants must have a bachelor degree from a college or university. Those who don’t have a Bachelor's degree but are as capable as bachelors can also apply for this program. However, they have to demonstrate they had taken some related courses and passed at least eight courses. They must pass the CET4 or similar English test. They also have published one piece of thesis which is at the same level as a bachelor’s dissertattion.

An applicant should fill in a form via internet or going to the assigned place in person. Meantime, he or she should prepare some documents according to the requirements listed online. 


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