Civil and Commercial Law


(1) Overview

This discipline had been given the power to grant a master's degree and been divided into three reseach areas: Basic Theory of Civil and Commercial Law, Chinese Civil Law, Commercial Law. The expertise group contains eleven teachers, including one professor, six associate professors, 4 lecturers. Among them,seven have received a doctoral degree, two teachers are pursuing their doctoral degrees.


(2) Members of the Research Group      

Professor  Ma Hong

Associate Professor: Hong Gengming, Li Hongmei, Zhang Yanqiang, Xu Hui, Ge Weijun, Tang Guanhong

Lecturer: Ye Yunping, Chen   Fang, Wei Wei, He Jiaxing


(3) Characteristics

    Civil and Commercial Law is a profound, comprehensive and practical discipline. Civil Law covers theory in a great depth and has a close connection with reality. Nevertheless, Commercial Law pays more attention to the penetration of legal practice, including courses such as Business Organization Law, Securities Law, Bankruptcy Law, Insurance Law, Negotiable Instruments Law and Maritime Law. After SHUFE has taken part in the 211 project, Civil and Commercial Law is integrating with Accounting, Finance and Business Administration in the further development. Combining with modern corporate practices, notes practices, banking , securities investment, actuarial, financial, accounting, financial expertise has been the main characteristic of SHUFE Law.


This department aims to improve academic standard and scholar research, exploiting interdisciplinary problems between Civil and Commercial Law and Accounting,  Finance, putting research fruits into class teaching. The major emphasizes that the objective of training students is to enable students to grasp theoretical knowledge of Civil and Commercial Law, be familiar with basic knowledge and modern business practices, obtain some financial, business knowledge. At the same time, we hope students could develop civil and commercial skills and through standardized training to promote students toual work in financial and legal industry with full capacity as well as meet the professional requirements in areas of judicial and administrative job.


The department aims at training graduates to meet needs of socialist market economy, to acquire knowledge and practice in respect of modern legal theory, civil and commercial law, business and management; to be able to apply what they learnt at Law School to provide creative solutions for complicated legal problems and engage in our legal construction as justice , lawyers, consultants, or government advisers.


(4) Curriculum

 Overview of Civil Law, Property Law, Debt and Contract Law, Tort Law, Marriage, Family and Succession Law, Intellectual Property Law, Business Organization Law, Securities Law, Bankruptcy Law, Insurance Law, Negotiable Instruments Law, Maritime Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Civil Procedure Law, Civil Litigation Practice, Anglo-American Contract Law.



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