Criminal Law

1. Overview

Criminal Law is comprised of Criminal Law, Criminal Litigation Law, and other related disciplines such as  criminology, victimology, criminal investigation, forensic medicine, science of evidence and Penology. Expertise group in this program consists of 3 teachers, 2 associate professors, 1 lecturer. Two of them have a Juris Doctor degree. They are responsible for researching and teaching in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law for undergraduate, JM and students who are minoring in Theory of Law.


Criminal Law department serves to promote students the ability of studying criminal theory and analysing criminal cases. In addition, it intends to help students in SHUFE Law enlarge scope of knowledge and learn the debating skills on courts.


Criminal Law is a compulsory course for undergraduates whose major or the second major is law, aiming to help them lay a solid knowledge foundation of criminal law so that they could be competent for jobs like judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and company executives as well as satisify qualities of modern talents who are needed urgently in current society.


 2. Members of the Reasearch Group

Associate professor: Ma Guo’an, Zhao Weijia   

Lecturer: Chen Hongjie



The main courses currently available for the graduate and undergraduate are Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law.



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