Economic Law




The Economic Law is the first department to which SHUFE Law could grant Master’s degree. There are three research areas under this branch, i.e. the Basic Theory of Economic Law, Financial Security Law and Foreign-related Economic Law. The expertise group of this subject contains seven teachers, including four professors, one associate professors, two lecturers. Five of them have received a doctoral degree.



(2)Members of the Research Group


Professors: Zheng Shaohua   Wang Quanxing    Liu Shuilin  Shan Feiyue

Associate Professor: Ding Fengchu

Lecturers: Cao Jingtao   Wu Wenfang




As an emerging interdisciplinary subject, Economic Law is a complex legal framework of analying mechanisim of competition, macro governmental control, social insurance and foreign economic and technological cooperation in the market economy. The development of this discipline is on the basis of civil and commercial law, basic knowledge of administrative law, principles of economics and sociology knowledge. The knowledge, theories and methods deriving from comparative law, empirical analysis, legal sociology and legal economics are frequently used in this subject. Therefore, Economic Law demands a high level of comprehensive knowledge both for teachers and students. Over the years, taking advantage of  strong academic atmosphere of fiscal, finance and economics in SHUFE, the teachers continue to explore new teaching methods, and strive to cultivate versatile students who not only understand economics, but also specialize in law; not only are good at logical analysis, but also do well in innovative thinking. Graduates majoring in Economic Law could serve in the economical, managerial, financial, judicial, administrative, educational and other fields professionally.


Developing Process

Economic Law is the earliest program established by the School of Law. Its origin can be traced back to the Department of Economics of International Trade and Economic Law (1980). In January 1981, the Department of  International Trade and Economic set up an independent Department of Economic Law. The first group of students recruited by SHUFE Law completed their study in the name of economics. The Economic Law is one of the disciplines which sit at the center of SHUFE future development.




The teachers of Economic Law are teaching Economic Law, Securities Law, Environmental Law, Labor Law, Product Quality and Consumer Protection Law, Trust Law, Macro-control Law, Market Subjects Law, Competition law, Financial and Tax law for undergraduates and graduates in Law School. Meanwhile, they are aslo opening some courses for other students, such as Economic Law Overview, Monograph of Economic Law, Competition Law, and Financial Law, etc.


(5) Achievements


a. state-level project

“Chinese banking law and banking supervision” , Asian Development Bank, 2002.12-2004.8, $ 1 million, leader of Chinese experts.

 Hong Kong SAR Government project

  "China's accession to the WTO and Chinese financial legal reform",  HKSAR Government, 2002.6 - 2004.12,  600,000 Hong Kong dollars, one of the project leader.

b. provincial and ministerial project

1, "comparative studies on banking law” , Tenth Five-Year Plan of Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences in 2004, 25,000 yuan, September 2004 - December 2006.

2, " Foreign banking law reform during the transition period of China's accession to the WTO , the Justice Department, 40,000 yuan, in July 2004 - December 2006.

3, “legal framework of Financial Holding Company, Shanghai Shuguang Scholar Program, 2002.10 - 2004.9, 40,000 yuan.

4, “Design A Deposit Insurance Legal system in China”, Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2002.7 -2003.12, 10,000 yuan.

5, “System of Financial and Legal support for Scientific and Technological innovation”, Shanghai Soft Science Fund.

c. other project

1, “Research Report about Rule of Law in Modern China", commissioned by the silicon Lake Polytechnic, 30,000 yuan.

2, “Research on Social Credit System”, 211 College projects, 25,000 yuan.

3, “Legal Environment of financial Credit Laws”, 30,000 yuan.

4, “Introduction to Economic Law”, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 211 courses , the Shanghai Teaching Award,in December 2001.

5, CPA, "Economic Law" distance learning project


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