International Law




There are three main research areas under International Law, namely, International and Regional Private Law, WTO Law and International Financial Law. This department was approved to grant master’s degree in 2003. Expertise group consists of 9 teachers, including 6 professors, 1 associate professor and 2 lecturers. 8 of them have a Doctoral degree and the other one is studying as a doctor candidate now.



(2) Members of the Research Group


Professor: Zhou Zhongfei, Zhang Junqi, Zhang Shengcui, Shang Hailing, Liao Yixin, Song Xiaoyan

Associate Professor: Zhou Jiepu

Lecturer: Yu Fei, Zheng Hui





Relying on geographical advantage of Shanghai and disciplinary advantage of SHUFE, International Financial Law is focusing on legal issues of international finance, legal environment for the construction of a regional international financial center. In order to attract senior financial talents,to enrich experience in financial institutions, to effectively predict and defuse financial risks, International Law initiates and encourages research on legal system of banking, capital markets, insurance market, financial innovation and financial supervision .



This program was established in 2003 and started enrollment in 2004.






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