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An Interview with Dean Professor Zheng Shaohua

Professor Zheng Shaohua is the dean of SHUFE Law who specializes in economic law, social law and environmental law. He graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) and became a professor of Economic Law School of his Alma Mater in 2004. As a respected professor and also a knowledgeable scholar, he has made many achievements in both his job and academic research. He has contributed much to SHUFE Law during his nearly six years as dean. Thanks to the efforts of Dean Professor Zheng Shaohua and  the faculty of SHUFE Law and students, our law school has been selected as one of the first Excellent Legal Talent Training Bases. Fortunately, some journalists of SHUFE Law website got the chance to have an interview with Dean Professor Zheng Shaohua to talk about the bright future of SHUFE law and his own suggestions to the study life of our students.  
The following are the details of the interview:
(J: Journalist, Dean: Dean Professor Zheng Shaohua)


About The National Excellent Legal Talent Training Bases
J: Good afternoon, Prof. Zheng, we had the good news that SHUFE Law was selected as one of the first Excellent Legal Talent Training Bases. What do you think is the most important meaning of this event?


Dean: Actually, this year is the lucky year for SHUFE Law, after the selection of “Shanghai Excellent Legal Talent Training Bases”, “Shanghai Off-campus Practice Bases for College Students” as well as “National Legal Education Practice Bases”; we became one of the first Excellent Legal Talent Training Bases. These honors represent that our law school has entered the mainstream of major law schools at least in China. We can not say that our law school has become one of the top law schools, but I have to say the successful election establishes a very important foundation of SHUFE Law’s further development. To be a top law school, this foundation is absolutely necessary. We will benefit a lot in many aspects. 


J: Well, this will be a really good opportunity for our law school. I’d like to know your opinion on how our law school can take advantage of this?  


Dean: In fact, selected as one of the first Excellent Legal Talent Training Bases leaves us a large space to train talents through our own training mode, especially the training of practical and versatile legal talents. We can reform our training mode according to our own understanding of excellent legal talent, including discipline construction reform and talent training reform. These reforms will provide broader development space for legal education and teaching in the future. The Ministry of Education will approve the training program we present to it. Further inspection of the Ministry of Education also depends on our present program, marking that SHUFE Law’s innovation has entered a new stage and we gained the initiative to the greatest extent.


J: Oh, it means that we will have the chance to train talents through our own plans, so, what is the future development plan of training talents? How can our students benefit from this? 


Dean: Our development plans, from the view of talent training, contains three major points. Firstly, the application-oriented talents training through activities like JESSUP, the Moot Hall and Internet Lab and so on. Those activities will help them to improve their practice ability and gain knowledge at the same time. Secondly, law service center. Students can choose different laws to help Shanghai people, such as Shanghai Consumer Protection Law, Shanghai Labor Law and Shanghai Environmental Law under the guidance of our teachers. This will help them strengthen their social service responsibility. Sophomore or junior students can start their internship in the Court of Yangpu District Court or listen to judicial practice lectures in order to strengthen their practical ability. To grow up as a legal talent who has distinct financial and economic characteristics, one should make the most use of financial disciplines. Elective contains advanced mathematics, western economics, political economics and basic accounting, which are financial background of SHUFE Law. Thirdly, foreign legal talents cultivation through the Anglo-American law courses which contains eight common law courses. They are Introduction to Anglo-American Law, Anglo-American Property Law, Contract Law and other main courses. The undergraduates have two directions to choose, Economic Law direction and the direction of International Law (must select a common law course). Throughout the complete training, students will learn 14 courses in total and they will become internationalization in advance.



About Excellent Legal Talent
J: We had talked much about the Excellent Legal Talent Training Bases, but what is “Excellent Legal Talent”?


Dean: I had already talked about the developing scheme of our future talent training. We plan to conduct a legal service line. So the most important quality I think an excellent legal talent should possess is the sense of social responsibility. We strengthened the application-oriented and legal vocational education and this requires an excellent legal talent to have the characters of specialization and professionalization. International perspective is essential as well. All in all, an excellent legal talent is a person who has a strong sense of social responsibility, a good international perspective, an intense spirit of specialization and professional characteristics.       


J: In such a university with distinct finance characteristics how can a student become an excellent legal talent and highlight his own excellences?


Dean: Our SHUFE is a unique finance university with distinct characteristics, but under the training mode of our law school, we will strengthen the function of the finance background instead of weakening it. International law, comparative Law, legal service and so on, through the study under our plan, students will grow to talents with distinguishing features. Though challenging, our training plan is worth carrying out.

J: Practice is very important, what is the best way to balance our study and part-time job in your mind?  


Dean: Personally speaking, no matter he is a JM (3.0) student or a JM (2.0) student, the time he does part-time job is better less than half a year. Because our legal talents training plan, summarized into one sentence, is a plan that tries to build a legal community which connects the real world, the simulation and the internet through the training. Try our best to make our students possess rich professional knowledge and strong practical ability.     


J: We all know that JM (3.0) is very different from JM (2.0), would you please give any different advice to them?


Dean: OK, it is obviously that JM (3.0) students and JM (2.0) students have different major backgrounds, so they have their own advantages. JM (3.0) students even have varied college majors, their emphasis should be put on the learning of law knowledge. On the opposite, JM (2.0) students should pay more attention to the study of financial knowledge. Different focus will help them accumulate various knowledge, better to know themselves and use the right method.     


J: Reading is a good way to gain our knowledge, what should we pay attention to and what kind of books should we choose?


Dean: For a graduate student, a broad perspective is very important. Since we live in such an information age, internet is the very fast way for us to obtain information, you students should learn to use this information tool and pay more attention to SHEFE Law Website which contains plentiful information about our law school and our professors. At the same time, books are important too. I consider that some translated law books published by the Commercial Press, classic law books published by the Encyclopedia Press are especially amazing. I suggest you to choose a few of them to read according to your major. It is really a helpful way for you to enrich your professional knowledge.


About Student Activities
J: You have mentioned that the future development plan includes many kinds of student activities, in your opinion, what is the better way to start student activities?


Dean: Well, I have to say students will always be the main body of their activities. Our teachers can only give some advice. It is better to stimulate the enthusiasm of students rather than be the leader of them and tell them every step to organize an activity. We have many excellent and erudite teachers with various research interests, students must learn to use these abundant resources and ask for help from them actively. I consider those teachers are very kind people and I am sure they will be happy to give you a hand.     


J: What are the concrete arrangements of law school in the future in this aspect?


Dean: Things are gradually back on track. Next term our law school will pay more attention to the students’ activities. We have already hired some foreign teachers who have much experience. With the help of our teachers, I hope our students can start activities better. 


J: Thank you very much, Dean Professor Zheng Shaohua. Thank you for giving us nearly half an hour to talk with us. We are clearer about the future of our law school now, and we are confident of the future. Thank you again.


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