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SHUFE Law Talks: Dr. Xu Jian


Xu Jian, specializing in Administrative Law, will go to Italy for further study from SHUFE Law, where he enjoys high popularity because of his dry humor and distinct teaching style. Before he leaves, the journalist of SHUFE Law Website got a chance to interview him.


Last year is the 30th anniversary of the promulgation of the 1982 Constitution.” The legal departments should do their best to make the public feel fair and just in each judicial case.” said Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. Could you give any comments on this?


Xu: It is no doubt that legal thinking will be emphasized in the rule of law. The justice of law will only be achieved by connecting legal thinking with people’s feeling. The same is true in the judicial process. But the fairness and justice is the basis of Legitimacy of law. The question is that it is not easy to understand the fairness and justice of law. This involves the relationship between procedural justice and substantive justice, formal rationality and substantial rationality and universal justice and individual justice. Sometimes conflicts and contradictions may exist between them. When there are conflicts between them, I think that procedural justice, formal rationality and universal justice are superior to later ones. We should seek for judicial fairness and justice from the spirit of rule of law, rather than to make sure that each case is ‘absolutely precise’.


How do you think college students can balance work and study?


Do college students need to work? At present, their main task is to study hard to lay solid foundations for their future career. Of course, it is necessary for them to do meaningful practice. Put quality before quantity.


What is the most common problem you found in college students, and any solutions?


They’re eager for a rapid success. In reality, seldom students could make it, because of lack of experience and immature attitude. What should they do is to be slower and more patient and pay more attention to the accumulation of experience.


Would you like to analyze the usefulness of reading?


College students should spend more time on reading. The benefits may not be immediate, but reading does do good to you.


What kind of book is more suitable for college students?


Books on history. As an old Chinese saying goes, "To draw lessons from history, one knows why dynasties changed". It has been said that he who controls the past controls the future. Our view of history shapes the way we view the present, and therefore it dictates what answers we offer for existing problems.


Can you introduce any good ways to study law?


You should specialize in one area at the very beginning; then extend your fields to expand you horizons. It is also very important to discuss problems with teachers and your classmates.


Why do you go to Italy for further study?


There are different academic advantages among different countries. For example, if you want to learn Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, you’d better go to German and Italy. I plan to stay in Italy for a year to learn the origin of citizens of city-state age and land system.


Any advice to our students?


Legal thinking and techniques for reasoning are essentials for law school students. More reading and thinking.



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