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Dr. Li Rui

Written by Susan Wu, Revised by Claire Tian, May 7th , 2014

Dr. Li Rui is a lecturer in SHUFE Law who specializes in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law. After received her bachelor degree in East China University of Politics and Law, she worked in Shanghai Jingan District People's Procuratorates and got promoted as Head of Public Prosecution Department. While working as an excellent public prosecutor, she studied in East China University of Politics and Law and received her master and doctoral degree. It is a very precious opportunity that Dr. Li would share her experiences and ideas with us.


About education background


J: We have learnt that you graduated from East China University of Politics and Law. Why did you choose law as your major?


L: To be frank, I knew a little about law before I started my college life in East China University of Politics and Law. Novels and TV programs were my major legal learning resources when I was a high school girl. Those books and TV programs made me quite interested in learning law and then I decided to made law as my major.


J: You worked in Jingan District People’s Procuratorates for about 11 years after you got your bachelor degree. Why did you decide to further your study by acquiring the postgraduate and doctoral degrees?


L: You know that I devoted myself in legal practice since I graduated from university. My work experience in District People’s Procuratorates told me that I need theoretical legal study to broaden my horizons and obtain new knowledge. And I was really eager to come back to law school to improve myself. I prepared my doctoral entrance exam during maternity leave though work as a prosecutor was quite busy.

About research direction

J: You are specialized in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law. Most your publications are concerned about credit card crime. Could you tell us why you choose credit card crime as research direction?


L: I handled lots of cases about credit card crime while I was working in People’s Procuratorates. Many of them were prior cases in the country and some of them were published in Gazette of Supreme Court. All that means I had first hand material at the leading edge of legal research. It was a good chance for me to do my research. My Ph.D. supervisor also encouraged me to use this advantage. So I choose credit card crime as my research direction. 



Suggestions for students


J: According to your experience, what kind of basic qualities should law student possess?


L: Legal knowledge always is the most important thing for law students although some SHUFE Law students will choose job with no connection of law.

We all know that the unique feature of SHUFE is finance and economics. Compared with others, SHUFE Law students have too many opportunities to learn SHUFE’s distinguishing courses. My advice for you is to be interdisciplinary talents. You will find interdisciplinary knowledge will be good for your legal research as well as legal practice.

I cannot avoid talk about professional ethics for this vocation is quite special. We need to cultivate legal talents with social responsibilities and idealism.  


J: Some students are not very clear about the way to choose research direction. Can you give us some advice about how to choose research direction?


L: Reading could give people inspiration. I suggest my students to read as much as possible. More reading may be allaying your doubt. Then you can easily find your research doubts once you get enough knowledge. That is why I insist the importance of legal knowledge for law students.

Well, students also could ask their mentors for help. Those teachers are experienced scholars and they are willing to teach students to handle frontier issues.

About SHUFE Law

J: How long have you been working in SHUFE LAW? Can you give us a brief introduction about your work here?

L: Last January, I joined SHUFE LAW. Well, I am a freshman here. I am teaching criminal law for postgraduate students.

Besides, I am in charge of SHUFE LAW Legal Research and Legal Practice Center. The major function of this center is to provide summer internships and guide College Student Legal Aid Center.


J: Do you have any expectations for SHUFE LAW?

L: I hope SHUFE LAW would be a law school with SHUFE’s own distinguishing feature. I hope one day SHUFE LAW would be one of top law schools of China. Teaching staff and students need to make efforts together to realize these dreams.


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