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Dr. Zhang Junqi


By Begonia Wang & Angie Yang. January 4, 2015.


Dr. Zhang Junqi is a professor in SHUFE Law who specializes in International Law and International Economic Law. Because of his concentration on academic for many years, he has already made great achievements in his specialty, especially the Law of WTO. Besides his professor identity, he is also the director of China International Economic and Trade Law Research Society and the deputy president of Shanghai WTO Law Research Society.



About education background

Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. from Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Before he chose law as his major, he had achieved bachelor and master degrees in history. About the reason of changing into law, he told the journalists that it was an occasional chance for him to get access to law which quickly got his interests. So he made the decision to get the qualification of lawyer and prepare for the doctoral qualifying examination which took him five years.  He told us that the major transfer is quite difficult and complicated. However, he achieved his goal finally. Accumulating counts much in studying law, which is the only way for us to gain the legal thinking and enough knowledge in breadth and depth. 


About academic research

Dr. Zhang once involved in some work as a lawyer, which took him quite plenty of time and efforts. After doing some objective assessment of his own, he realized that being a lawyer is not the best choice for him because of his limited time and effort and most importantly, his character. Zhang told us that doing academic research and being a law school teacher is much better than being a lawyer, which is suitable for his restrained personality and his own interests. If someone is very active, he or she can do practice as an attorney which has high demands on interpersonal skills. Besides, character lively person may suffer a torment if he or she has to sit still and do deep thinking and research for a long time.


As we all know, Dr. Zhang make admirable achievements in his own field. Speaking of the self-assessment, we asked, in his own consideration whether he is successful in his career. Dr Zhang’ answer is quite modest. “In general opinion,” he said, “being a professor and obtaining some honors in academic might be a success. However, there is no end and the top success in academic research. Researchers only focus on one narrow area to do deep research, as to other fields, they might only get a general understanding.”


Doing academic research is not the only thing that matters in Dr. Zhang’s life. He also enjoys the time playing badminton with his family. Besides, he really loves singing in his spare time.


About his view on education

When talking about the education, Zhang expressed his worry on the circumstance of nowadays college education that the eager for quick success without preciseness and diligence on academy has contributed to the fill of fickleness of the college. “Too much concern on employment caused the lost of academic spirit”, Zhang said. Of course, Zhang didn’t put all the blame on the students and he knew that was an outcome of the society transformation, for which he has concentrated on the change the educational pattern from teaching to inspiring.


Zhang also suggested that students should go further on academic study if there is a chance, such as attending graduate school or studying abroad. Particularly in law study, further study and external advanced legal education will be much beneficial for legal career.


About his view on SHUFE Law

Zhang did not hide a piece of his appreciation on SHUFE Law `s development in these decades. He considered that there has been a largely development on SHUFE Law since its foundation in 1980 and the level of education and research has been improved a lot. “Especially in recent years”, Zhang said, “A large number of excellent young teachers came to SHUFE Law, which added more strength for us”.  On the other side, Zhang said that SHUFE Law began to pay attention on common law, focused on learning its superiority and tried to be in the line with international law education with the lead of dean. Until now, SHUFE Law has set up cooperation with Dongwu University with the hope to achieve the same glory as former Dongwu University once had, in accordance with his words.


About his suggestion and hope for students

In the end of the interview, Zhang delivered his good will and suggestion for SHUFE Law students. Zhang said, “Whatever you do, you are supposed to have your own goal for your career. And then you should make your every effort to be committed to study with diligence, and achieve it!”

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