Dai Yue

Major: American Tax Law, Securities Litigation, Commercial Law

Post: Lecturer

Office Address:No.414 of Law School

Email: yd2nx@virginia.edu

Education Background

2013-2016.5 Doctor of Laws, University of Illinois, USA (Juris-Doctor, Cum Laude)

  •  Senior Honors Graduate
  •  Honors Scholarship

Main Courses: US Tax Law, Secure Transactions, Anti-Unfair Competition, Securities Management, Securities Litigation and Enforcement, Insolvency Law, Commercial Law

2009-2013.5 Double Major, University of Virginia (Bachelor of Arts)

Economics and International Relations double bachelor degree, international economic direction.

  • Honorary List of Deans of Double Degrees
  • US Congressional Public Leaders Training Conference, Washington, DC, 2010

Main Courses: Financial Markets, Banking & Money, International Finance & Transactions, Antitrust Economy, Markets & Policies, EU Policy & Economy, East Asian Diplomacy

Academic Achievements

1.       2016 Won first in The United States Federal Lawyers Association tax law paper Competition: http://www.fedbar.org/Sections/Section-on-Taxation/Writing-Competition.aspx

2.      2016.6 Published Tax law papers in the June 2016 issue of the American Bar Association: When a Corporation is the Wrongdoer, Who Should Pay the Bill? ( Electronic version: http://www.fedbar.org/Sections/Section-on-Taxation/Writing-Competition/When-a-Corporation-is-the-Wrongdoer-Who-Should-Pay-the-Bill-by-Yue-Dai.aspx?FT=.pdf )

Social Experience

2016.8- Lecturer, School of Law, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai

1.       Taught Anglo-American Law Certificate Class American Tort Law, Graduate Law English

2.      Researched Comparison of Private Law, International Private Law, Securities Law

2016.2-2016.5 Research Associate, Securities Law and Company Law, School of Law, University of Illinois, Illinois, USA

1.       Assisted US securities law experts in the study of securities law

2.      Established a database of securities litigation cases

2015.9-2015.12 University of Illinois School of Lawyer, Lawyer Assistant, Illinois, USA

1.       Drafted legal investigation reports on various types of cases and response motions such as the use of the rules of civil procedure in the investigation phase.

2.      Taught various types of intellectual property issues, school board various asset management issues and investment advice, federal securities law, federal medicine administration law, Contract law, tax law, debt law and management

3.      Participated in a number of international cooperation projects with the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, investigated and translated Chinese laws, and assisted schools in the drafting of relevant documents.

2015.5 Callison Tighe & Robinson Law office, Lawyer Assistant, South Carolina, USA

1.       Collected case law and case studies, such as anti-fraud, corruption, group crime, securities fraud, real estate law of different states.

2.      Fact-finding, drafted and aggregated office files and case response motions, and drafted court litigation documents.

2014.6-2014.8 United States Federal Court, Federal Judge Assistant, South Carolina, USA

1.       Assisted the Federal Judge in the analysis of cases, such as the application of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in pre-trial proceedings, the transfer of jurisdiction and the ability of third parties to jointly prosecute; drafted civil judgments.

2.      Studied the sentencing recommendations of criminal cases in federal courts and drafted court sentencing memoranda.

3.      Participated in the trial process of the court, exchanged views with the judge in time, submitted the relevant materials, and asked the defense and the parties

2011. 5-2011.7 United States House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Office, Intern, Washington, DC

1.       Studied and drafted a memorandum of office on the topic of China-Korea-Japan free trade area, including the US policy on Libya, Mexico and other countries.

2.      Studied and drafted the House Foreign Affairs Act through the pre-debate debates.

3.      Arranged visits and meetings of diplomatic envoys of different countries; made conference PPT, drafted meeting points, interpreted Chinese-English meetings, and recorded meeting points.

4.      Arranged the hearings of the House Foreign Affairs Office, contacted Members of Congress to participate in the meeting, recorded the main points of the hearings, such as the hearing of Japan's 2011 post-earthquake response.

Personal Skills

English, International Exchange, Data Analysis, Symphony Conductor

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