Ezra Wasserman Mitchell



Chinese name:米罗

Major:Corporate law and International financial law


Working place:Law school of Shufe

Email address:ezra.mitchell56@gmail.com  


Wechat:Ezra Mitchell

Education background

Columbia University, law school , Juris Doctor, J.D. in 1981
Williams College, Bachelor of Arts, B.A. in 1978


Working experience(Academy Institute)
Western Reserve University, Law school, till now

Professor  Dean : Joseph Hostetler –Baker & Hostetler

George Washington University, Law school
        Commercial law professor, 2006 till now
        John Theodore Fey Research Professor, 1995 - 2006
        Professor, 1993 - 1995
        Vice professor: 1991 - 1993

Peking University law school
       Part-time teacher (appointed in 2010); Beijing science financial project economic law consultant

Georgetown University law research center
       Visiting professor of law in the spring of 1999

Albany Law School of Union University
       Vice professor, 1990 - 1991
       Assistant professor, 1987 - 1990


Working experience(Legal practice)
Paul,Weiss, Rifkind,Wharton & Garrison (New York)
       Lawyer, 1985.4 – 1987.6

O’sullivan Graev Karabell &Gross(New York)
       Lawyer, 1983.8 – 1985.3

White &Case 律所(New York)
       Lawyer, 1981.8 – 1983.7


Academic achievements
Book and selected work
• The Panic of 2008: Causes, Consequences and Implications for Reform (Edward Elgar; 2010)
• Corporate Governance (Ashgate Press; 2009)
• The Speculation Economy: How Finance Triumphed over Industry  (Berrett-Koehler Publishers; 2007)
• Corporate Irresponsibility: America’s Newest Export (Yale University Press 2001);
• Stacked Deck: A Story of Selfishness in America (Temple University Press, 1998)
• Progressive Corporate Law (Westview Press - New Perspectives on Law, Culture and Society, 1995)


Journal of Law and chapter of books
• Gentleman’s Agreement: The Antisemitic Origins of Restrictions on Stockholder Litigation, 36 Queen’s Law Journal 71 (2010)
• Financialism: A Brief History, in The Embedded Corporation (Cynthia A. Williams and Peer Zumbansen, eds.: Cambridge University Press)
• Toward a New Law and Economics: The Case of the Stock Market, (in circulation; available on SSRN.com) (2010)
• The Financial Determinants of Corporate Governance (with Dalia T. Mitchell), in Corporate Governance (H. Kent Baker and Ronald Anderson, eds; John Wiley & Sons; 2010)
• The Legitimate Rights of Public Shareholders 66 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1635 (2010) (selected for republication in Corporate Practice Commentator, R. Thompson, ed.)
• Who Needs the Stock Market?: Part I: The Empirical Evidence (in revision, forthcoming, Accounting, Economics, and Law – A Convivium 2010, available on SSRN.com)
• The Trouble with Boards (Symposium, The New Corporate Governance) (in The New Corporate Governance, Troy A. Paredes and F. Scott Kieff, eds., Cambridge University Press; 2010)

• The Morals of the Marketplace: A Cautionary Essay for Our Time, 20 Stanford Law & Policy Review 171 (2009)(translated into Mandarin by Xiao Yu, forthcoming Peking University Financial Forum 2010)
• The Innocent Shareholder: An Essay on Compensation and Damages in Securities Class Actions, 2009 Wisconsin Law Review 243 (Source: SSCI)
• Corporate Social Responsibility in Capital Markets in the U.S. 20 Peking University Law Journal 8 (2008) (in Mandarin) (presented in English at Beijing Forum 2007, Peking University, and Tsinghua University)
• The Board as a Path to Social Responsibility (in The New Corporate Accountability: Corporate Social Responsibility and The Law (Doreen McBarnet, Aurora Voiculescu, and Tom Campbell, eds., Cambridge University Press; 2007) 279
• On the Direct Election of CEOs (Dean’s Lecture) 32 Ohio Northern Law Review 261 (2006)
• Structural Holes, CEOs, and Informational Monopolies: The Missing Link in Corporate Governance (Symposium: Social Science and Corporate Misbehavior) 70 Brooklyn Law Review 1313 (2005)
• Structure as an Independent Variable in Assessing Stock Market Failures 72 George Washington Law Review 547 (2004) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Sarbanes-Oxley and the Reinvention of Corporate Governance (Symposium: Enron) 48 Vill. Law Review 1189 (2003)
• No Business Like No Business, in The Rehnquist Court: Judicial Activism On the Right (Herman Schwartz, ed.; Hill & Wang; 2002) 227
• The Importance of Being Trusted (Symposium: Trusting Relationships) 81 Boston University Law Review 591 (2001) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Trust and Team Production in Post-Capitalist Society (Symposium: Team Production) 24 Journal of Corporation Law 869 (1999)
• Understanding Norms 49 University of Toronto Law Journal 177 (1999)
• The Puzzling Paradox of Preferred Stock (And Why We Should Care About It) 51 Business Lawyer 443 (1996) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Trust. Contract. Process., in Progressive Corporate Law (L.Mitchell, ed)(Westview Press; 1995) 185
• Corporate Nature versus Human Nature in Critics of Institutions: Law And Economics (Robin Paul Malloy and Christopher K. Braun, eds.; PETER LANG; 1995) 361
• Cooperation and Constraint in the Modern Corporation: An Inquiry into the Causes of Corporate Immorality 73 Texas Law Review 477 (1995) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Fairness and Trust in Corporate Law 43 Duke Law Journal 425 (1993) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Critical Look at Corporate Governance 45 Vanderbilt Law Review 1263 (1992) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• A Theoretical and Practical Framework for Enforcing Corporate Constituency Statutes 70 Texas Law Review 579 (1992) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• The Fairness Rights of Corporate Bondholders 65 New York University Law Review 1165 (1990) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• The Death of Fiduciary Duty in Close Corporations 138 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1675 (1990) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Close Corporations and Professional Responsibility: Toward a Realistic Ethic (selected for reprinting in Corporate Practice Commentator (R. Thompson, ed.)) 74 Cornell Law Review 466 (1989) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Close Corporations Reconsidered 63 Tulane Law Review 1143 (1989)
• The Jurisprudence of the Misappropriation Theory and the New Insider Trading Legislation: From Fairness to Efficiency and Back (Symposium: Securities Fraud) 52 Albany Law Review 775 (1989)
• The Ninth Amendment and the "Jurisprudence of Original Intention" 74 Georgetown Law Journal 1719 (1986) (SOURCE: SSCI)

Short passages
• The Partner Manager: Some Thoughts on Bebchuk and Fried, 159 University of Pennsylvania Law Review Pennumbra (2010) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Financialism: A Lecture Delivered at Creighton University School of Law, 43 Creighton L. Rev. 323 (2010)
• The Relevance of Corporate Theory to Corporate and Economic Development: Comment, on Ron Harris, The Transplantation of the Legal Discourse on Corporate Personality Theories
(Symposium: Understanding Corporate Law Through History) 63 Washington & Lee Law Review 1489 (2007)
• Vulnerability and Efficiency (of What)? (Symposium for William Klein: The Criteria of Corporate Law) 2 Berkeley Business Law Journal 153 (2006)
• Roles and Incentives: The Core Problems of Corporate Social Responsibility Ethical Corporation (October 2005) 46
• The Chameleon of Corporate Social Responsibility: Changing Shapes & Challenges: Roles of Corporations and Corporate Officers 99 American Society of International Law Proceedings 265 (2005)
• The Age of Aquarius, or, How I (Almost) Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Free Market 88 Minnesota Law Review 921 (2004) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Talking with my Friends: A Response to a Dialogue on Corporate Irresponsibility (Symposium: Corporate Irresponsibility: America’s Newest Export)70 George Washington Law Review 988 (2002) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• If I Only Had a Heart: Or, How Can We Identify a Corporate Morality (Symposium)(with Theresa A. Gabaldon) 76 Tulane Law Review 1579 (2002).
• How to Do the Right Thing Optimize (February 2002)
• Review of Jerry L. Mashaw, Greed, Chaos, & Governance: Using Public Choice to Improve Public Law The Responsive Community (1999)
• The Naked Emperor: A Corporate Lawyer Looks at RUPA’s Fiduciary Provisions (Symposium: The Future of Unincorporated Associations) 54 Washington & Lee Law Review 465 (1997)
• The Human Corporation: Some Thoughts on Hume, Smith, and Buffett (Symposium: Warren Buffet) 19 Cardozo Law Review 341 (1997)
• Trust and the Overlapping Consensus (Symposium: John Rawls's Political Liberalism) 94 Columbia Law Review 1918 (1994) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Private Law, Public Interest? (Foreword to Symposium, The ALI Principles of Corporate Governance) 61 George Washington Law Review 871 (1993) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Corporate Law (Symposium: New Directions in Corporate Law) 50 Washington & Lee Law Review 1477 (1993)
• The Cult of Efficiency, reviewing Easterbrook & Fischel, The Economic Structure of Corporate Law 71 Texas Law Review 217 (1992) (SOURCE: SSCI)
• A Parable of the 1980s: Anadarko Petroleum Corp. v. Panhandle Eastern Corp. 53 Albany Law Review 655 (1990)

Case book (Corporate law and Financial law)
Cases and Materials on Corporations (with Dalia Tsuk Mitchell) (Carolina Academic Press; 2006)
Corporate Finance and Governance: Cases, Materials and Problems for an Advanced Course in Corporations (four editions)
Cases and Materials on Corporations: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Carolina Academic Press; 2004) (with Michael Diamond)

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