Wang Jinling


Major: Civil Law and Commercial Law

Post: Teacher

Office Address: No.301 of Law School

Email: jlwang72@yahoo.com


1.Basic Information:
Host Country: the United States  Year of starting and ending: 1993~2013
Language skill: proficient in English
2.Education Background:                                            

  Juris Doctor:

  2009~2012, J.D. from University of California_Davis Law School in 2012;

  Physiology Doctor:

  1994~2001, Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin,Medical School;

  Bachelor Degree in Biology:

  1989~1993, Bachelor Degree in Biology from University of Science and Technology of China.

3.Work experience and social practice experience::     

01/2002~02/2005   Postdoctoral Researcher on physiology in University of Wisconsin, U.S.A ;

06/2007~08/2008    Lecturer in Coast Community College District(CCCD);

06/2009~12/2009    Law Clerk in Technology Transfer Center of University of California, Davis;

01/2010~05/2010   Law Clerk in Legislative Commissioner's Office of FDA;  

08/2010~12/2010    Civil Law Clerk in Attorney General's Office of Department of Justice in California.

4.Social Organization and Activities:                                                    

The American Bar Association

American Intellectual Property Law Association

Biophysical Association

Journal Editor of Commercial Law

Journal Editor of Environmental Law and Policy


  The 19th Jerzy Rose Award for Original and Significant Graduate Research, UW-Madison

  American Heart Association Fellowship
6.achievements in Scientific Research :
American Patent:stable expression cell lines of hERG1a and hERG1b

 Patent Number:7910705
(hERG1a/1b cell line is a screening tool to test clinical arrhythmia side effects of new drugs.)

1.  Wang J., Trudeau, M. C., Zappia, A. M., and Robertson G. A. 1998. Regulation of deactivation by an amino terminal domain in Human ether-a-go-go-related gene potassium channels. Journal of general physiology, 112: 637-647  (SCI,影响因子 5.8)
2.  Wang, J., Myers, C. D., and Robertson, G. A. 2000. Dynamic Control of Deactivation Gating by a Soluble Amino-Terminal Domain in HERG K+ Channels. Journal of general physiology ,115: 749-758 (SCI,影响因子 5.47)
3.  Jones, E.M.C., Roti Roti, E. C., Wang, J., Delfosse, S. A., and Robertson, G. A. 2004. Cardiac Ikr Channels Minimally Comprise hERG 1a and 1b subunits. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 279: 44690-4 (SCI,影响因子 6.35)
4.  Robertson G.A., Jones, E.M.C., and Wang, J., 2005. Gating and assembly of heteromeric hERG1a/1b channels underlying I(Kr) in the heart.  Novartis foundation symposium, 2005;266:4-15 (SCI,影响因子 2.31)
5.  Sale H, Wang J., O'Hara TJ, Tester DJ, Phartiyal P, He JQ, Rudy Y, Ackerman MJ, Robertson GA. 2008. Physiological properties of hERG 1a/1b heteromeric currents and a hERG 1b-specific mutation associated with Long-QT syndrome. CIRCULATION RESEARCH, 103(7): e81-95 (SCI, 影响因子 9.99)
6.  Wang, J., Trudeau, M. C., and Robertson, G. A. 1998. The mechanism of N-terminal regulation of deactivation in hERG potassium channels.The 42nd Annual meeting of Biophysical Society. Boston, MA
7.  Wang J., Trudeau, M. C., Zhang, S., January, C. T. and Robertson, G. A. 1999. Separate Nterminal domains stabilize the open state and promote C-type inactivation in hERG potassium channels. The 43rd Annual meeting of Biophysical Society. New Orleans, LA
8.  Wang, J., Myers, C. D., and Robertson, G. A. 2000. Dynamic control of slow deactivation by a soluble amino-terminal domain in hERG potassium channels.The 44th Annual meeting of Biophysical Society. Boston, MA
9.  Gillian, A. L., Wang, J., Tanty, T., McCarthy, E., and Robertson, G. A. 2001. The activation gate of hERG ion channels.The 45th Annual meeting of Biophysical Society. Baltimore, MD
10. Wang, J., Jones, E. M. C., and Robertson, G. A. 2005. Current and pharmacological profiles of hERG 1a/1b channels stably expressed.The 49th Annual meeting of Biophysical Society. Long Beach, CA



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