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  December 15, 2016, under the auspices of Ms. Wang Jinling from Law School, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics intellectual property salon held in Room 211 of the No.2 Building. Germany is the  important research center of the patent system, which influenced the beginning period of the construction of the Patent Law System of PRC. We’re honored to invite the associate professor from the Law School of  Tongji University, deputy director of the center for intellectual property and competition law research, visiting scholar of Planck Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law Research Institute Mr. Zhang Taolve as the main speaker, and one academic lectures for everyone.


  First of all, Professor Zhang put forward four aspects of the comparative study focus of patent law in China, including the continental law system or Anglo American law system; international treaties or Chinese conditions; legal logic or market reality; stick to books or active innovation. Then he briefly introduces the influence of German patent system, the history and the origin of law. Followed by the comparison of patent law system between China and Germany respectively from the job title invention attribution, utility model system, the validity and limitation of patent, carefully combed the specific provisions of the two countries, and the theoretical background behind the phenomena explained in simple terms.


  In the interactive session, Professor Zhang communicated with the audience under the Internet Copyright Disputes, he jurisdiction of the Supreme Court on the "WeChat case" decision problems and other related topics, and then presented his translations of <German Patent Law> to Ms. Wang Jinling. Professor Zhang impressed us a lot due to the profound theoretical knowledge and modest rigorous style. Althouth only the wonderful see from one small part in that short time, the Salon has made students appreciate the charm and broad of patent law. At the end of the lecture, everyone presented gave the rapturous applause again to Professor Zhang.



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