The 2016 memorabilia of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


By Translator Zhou yanhong


1. Law subject successfully received approval of the first-level subject doctor conferral right, which will provide greater discipline support for the striving for “double first-class” construction of our school.


The legal education of our school began in 1987. In 1997, we obtained the conferral right of master degree of economic jurisprudence. In 2005, we received the conferral right of JM. In 2007, we received the conferral right of two second-level subject doctoral degrees, which are the conferral right to grant doctorate of legal economics and legal finance. In 2011, we were awarded the right to grant the first-level master degree of law. After the development of nearly three decades, the law disciplines have been an advantage subject, which have a high status, distinctive features, and highlighted superiority in the country. It has been rated as first-class disciplines (B) of universities and colleges of Shanghai and key academic disciplines in Shanghai. This time we received the approval of the conferral right of first-level discipline of doctorate, as to the construction of the discipline for nearly three decades, which is not only an affirmation , but also will provide the greater academic support for striving for the “double first-class” of our school, and create higher platform for the teaching and research of  the law disciplines and develop a wider field for talent cultivation in the future.


2. The work of Party building continues to carry out, which provides the guarantee and protection for the college personnel cultivation,  scientific research and social services.


The school party committee organized the party members earnestly studied the spirit of the 18th National People’s Congress of the CPC, the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC and the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC as well as the spirits of Comrade Xi Jinping 's Speech on Anti – corruption, “The Party Constitution of Communist Party of China”, “The Integrity and Self-discipline rules of Communist Party of China” and “Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Disciplinary Punishment” and so on. The party members should actively carry out the activities of “two learning and one doing” , combining learning with the center work of the college.


In March, 2016, the featured activity named “ the legal education of ‘legal culture’ ”, which regarded the volunteer service as the main content with the law school as the principal part, was honored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as the characteristic and distinguishing-quality project of law education in universities and colleges of Shanghai. In December , 2016, the college was awarded the “spiritual civilization unit”. In the same year, the project named “obligation legal aid, service to the people” of law school , which was the Party building project of the grass-roots party organization of the college, was also passed and accomplished. In order to let the communists function well and play the role of pioneers and leaders in the Communist Party, Prof. Song Xiaoyan was awarded the virtue pacesetter teacher of our college, Fu Zhuo Jing teacher was awarded the outstanding Party worker of our college, Prof. Zhu Xiaozhe was awarded the outstanding communist of our college.


3. Creating the faculty of high level with international visions, which are used to make the basis and guarantee for the development of our school.


Our school continues to attach importance to the introduction of well-known scholars of law school of foreign famous universities. In 2016, the law school introduced two full-time foreign professors, namely Mark Poustie, who is an environmental law expert. He served as Law School Dean in the British Strathclyde University. The other professor is a financial law and corporate law expert, Ezra Wasserman Mitchel, who served as the Law School Dean in the United States Case Western Reserve University. Our school organized power to assist the two professors to apply for the “Shanghai overseas thousand staff plan” and were approved. The two professors’ accession greatly enriched the faculty and promoted the international level of our school.


4. Regarding the international organizations talent base training project as the starting point to promote the internationalization, characteristics and specialization of legal compound talent cultivation.


The appearance of international organization talent base training project is due to the needs of national strategy. The college attaches great importance to it, the law school actively response and cooperate in all aspects. Around the guiding ideology and training goals of the talent cultivation of international organizations in our college, in the process of revision and improvement of the design of the professional curriculum, the law school taking full account of the interdisciplinary and professional compound requirements, closely meet the demand of international organization. We have fully absorbed the multi-party views to further optimize the programs of the international organization personnel cultivation, as well as, has begun to prepare for the overseas internship for students.


5. Scientific research achieved a breakthrough and obtained impressive awards.


In 2016, there were two professors of the Law school respectively published “The theory of civil judicial cost sharing “(Prof. Wang Fuhua) and “People’s livelihood legislation under the administrative rule-of-law”(Prof. Zhang Shufang) in “China Social Science”. This year the number of papers of our college published in the “Chinese social science” was three articles. Seeing from the national perspective, it ranked tenth in the whole country.


In 2016, the Law school received a total of 8 provincial and ministerial level scientific research awards. Including a second prize of the Outstanding Achievement Award of Shanghai Municipal Thirteenth Philosophy and Social Sciences and two second prizes of Outstanding Achievement Award of the research and publicity of Shanghai 11th Chinese characteristics socialism theoretical system.


6. Paying high attention to the quality of students’ papers, which have made a breakthrough and won the Shanghai Excellent Paper Award.


In order to improve the quality of the postgraduates cultivation, the law school set some links like the thesis proposal- pre-self-defense - defense and other links of the paper to improve the quality of postgraduate training. The school asks the teacher to provide centralized writing counseling and directions for students in every link. In addition, these dissertation defense experts are all from outside the school that is the teachers of the law school will avoid and take a double-blind defense, that is, the information of the degree applicant and mentor should not appear in the paper. It is not allowed to reveal the information of themselves and their instructor when the defense is proceeding, otherwise the reply will be invalid.


Strict management contributes to improve the quality of the papers. Zhu Ling, a postgraduate of our school, whose paper named “On the Innovation of Anti trust Censorship System in China (Shanghai) Free Trade Experimental Zone”, won the Outstanding Achievements of Postgraduates in Shanghai in 2015-2016 (Dissertation).


7. We will insist and improve the legal education of the double tutorial system, enrich the connotation of legal education to create the conditions to explore and achieve sustainable high-quality legal personnel training.


Our Master of Law and JM are practicing “double tutorial system”. By 2016, the number of hiring outside part-time postgraduate master tutors is 114. The industry involved government agencies, courts, procuratorates, arbitration institutions, law firms and enterprises. The school mentor is responsible for the student's academic, thesis guidance, the outside tutor is responsible for the practical guidance of students, the outside tutor's organization in which he works is regarded as the external internship base of the students he guide at the same time. The implementation of the  outside part-time postgraduate master tutors has broadened the way of thinking for the concept of cultivation, goals of training, employment and other issues for master of degree and JM.


Each semester we will hold a legal career development forum in which the part-time mentors and school mentors all participate in. So far it has the thirteen. The themes of the forums are: the development of the double-tutor system, the development of outstanding legal talents cultivation, the practice of legal experiment, the choice of legal profession, the judicial reform and legal education, the international vision of legal education and the position of China, the open economy system and the development of legal profession, Case and case teaching, the legal education under the background of improving the national unified legal professional qualification system and so on. Forum has become an important platform for the development of legal theory and practice of our school, law education, talent market and other multi-dimensional communication and exchange. There is no doubt that people pay high attention and give honor to its brand effect and influence.


8. Pay attention to the case teaching, and actively organize teachers to participate in the selection activities of excellent case which are held by the Master of law education steering committee of Shanghai and obtain a high proportion of storage success.


The school focuses on the case teaching and case compilation. The cases which were compiled  by Prof. Zeng Jian have been selected for the first batch of storage cases of national Master of law education steering committee. On December 9, 2016, the Secretariat of the Master of law education steering committee of Shanghai announced the Shanghai Master of Law degree teaching case library (second phase) project storage case list, where the whole city received submitted cases amount to 73 from 13 colleges and universities. Finally, they picked out 30 cases as the storage cases. The cases from Fan Jian, Li Rui, Li Xiaoyuan, Ye Mingyi, Zeng Jian, Ge Weijun were selected, amount to nine cases, nearly to one-third of the total.


9. We emphasize the morality education. In counselor ability contest we showed our excellent.


The construction of counselors team of Law school has been fruitful. Team grows quickly, the members of it do not forget the heart at the beginning. They base on the practice and strive to be the life coach of college students and intimate friends. Wang Yun, a full-time student counselor, sub-committee secretary , has more than once been awarded the college “excellent counselor”, “ advanced individual of student work ”, “Shanghai outstanding group cadres” and other honorary title. She conducted the student group obtained the “Shanghai May Fourth Youth Medal collective ” and many other collective honors. As a counselor for nearly a decade, she always insists the working principle that “student work is no small matter, nuances can not be relax”, we should lead, serve and manage students actively with great enthusiasm and dedication.


Wang Yun on behalf of our school to participate in the 2015 Shanghai Counselor Professional Ability Competitions and won the second prize. In April and May, 2016, she respectively on behalf of the Shanghai to participate in the Fifth National Counselor Professional Ability Contest of East China and the national finals, finally won the first prize and third prize.


10. We continue to carry out simulation of legal experiments and practical training, and have achieved remarkable results.


In order to improve the legal application and oral English as well as Chinese ability of legal students, in 2016, our school continues to appoint the professional practice teachers and returnees teachers as the main guiders. We treat domestic and foreign famous debates such as JESSUP, China Trade Arbitration Committee Cup, Richard law of cup, The Environmental Law Moot Court, the Shanghai Moot Court Competition as the goals to recruit, select and establish a number of Chinese and English debate teams, carrying out regular training seminars and simulation events. After years of accumulation, in many contests we have made considerable progress and acquired impressive results.


In 2015 and 2016, under the guidance of the teachers we were awarded the Moot Court Competition champion of universities in Shanghai for two years in a row.



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