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Written by Fu Zhuojing & Liu Ying, Translated by Tina


On January 14, 2017, the high court meeting was held in Beijing, which commended collective and individuals who were awarded as the national excellent court, national excellent judge and the court case pacesetter title of honor. Our four alumni in the recognition was rated as "national excellent judge" and "national court case example", they are: Gong Qitian, Economic law undergraduate of 1997, National excellent judge; Meng Meng, Economic law undergraduate v of 1997, national court case example; Wu Yingzhe, class of 2012 on-the-job master of law, national court case example; Xu Xiaoxin class of 2016 on-the-job master of law, national court case example.


Judge Gong Qitian



He graduated in 1997 workers to the Guangzhou intermediate people's court, and currently works as Guangzhou intellectual property court presiding judge. From 2011 to 2013 for three consecutive years, he won the individual class. In 2012 he was rated as Guangzhou city departments directly under the "prelude for optimal" outstanding communist party member. In 2013 He was awarded the fifth by municipal committee of political science and law committee of the communist party of China Guangzhou "people's satisfaction of politics and law police" and the title of "ten best judge" in Guangzhou. In 2014 he won the individual merit citation class ii, and was awarded as "provincial excellent judge" by the higher people's court of Guangdong province. In 2016 he was named as case pacesetter, outstanding communist party member by his working place. He has more than 20 years as a probationary period of a whole, thus he remembers ideal and faith, keeps the goal in mind that "let the people feel every perception of justice in the judicial cases".Don't care about personal gain or loss, willing to suffer, have the courage to bear the responsibility, play the cutting edge exemplary role in the work.


Judge Meng Meng



He graduated in 1997 and then worked into criminal court of the Shanghai higher people's court up to now. He currently works as Shanghai higher people's court first criminal trial court judges, working on the death penalty and other major criminal cases and sensitive, complicated criminal trial work of Shanghai, also responsible for the Shanghai court criminal trial research to guide the work. Once he presided in “Fudan Poisoning case”, was awarded Personal merit citation honors of Shanghai court, was awarded the "Shanghai model" outstanding communist party member and case expert, and other honorary titles. Judge Meng says he is just an ordinary judge earnestly working for 20 years.


Judge Wu Yingzhe



She now works as a judge in the second trial court of Shanghai intellectual property court, who has repeatedly won the Shanghai court personal merit citation class Two, class One, and was awarded the "Shanghai court case pacesetter", "Shanghai court Zou Bihua judges, good cadres", "national court case pacesetter" title; Many cases were named as "Shanghai court cases" high-quality goods, more cases of trial was named "Shanghai court trial demonstration", Judgment documents she wrote by many times were awarded Shanghai court written judgment good referee papers and won many prizes in the contest.


Judge Xu Xiaoxin



The Lian Jiang City Anpu tribunals, the people's court in the trial work more than eight years, his personal trial of more than 1000 cases, including 2015 with 156 cases of personal to handle all the year round. In 2008, he was individual class Zhan Jiang city intermediate people's court, in 2011 is evaluated "Zhan Jiang young station expert", was awarded in 2012 "Zhan Jiang May 1 labor medal", respectively in 2013 was named "young station expert of Guang dong province", "top ten judges". Besides, many times was rated as outstanding communist party member, and advanced worker of mediation, expert of shock worker cases, cases, etc. He insisted on law-abiding, usage, research method, love, to obey the law firm to promote social justice fair, with usage of clever to maintain social harmony and stability.



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