SHUFE’s 2017 Graduation Ceremony for LLM in Law was Hold


Translated by Zhu Wenting


At the very beginning of 2017, SHUFE’s Graduation Ceremony for 2017 LLM in Law was held with great ceremony in the report hall which is on the first floor of the Administrative Building on the morning of 15th January.



The guests attending the graduation ceremony included Professor Zheng Shaohua who is Shanghai University of Finance & Economics’ Assistant Principal and Executive Vice-president of Graduate School, Senior Judge Chen Xuebin who is also Vice-president of Guangdong Judges College, Huang Shengping who is Vice-president of Continuous Education School of Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College, Vice-professor Zhou Jiepu who is SHUFE Law’s Secretary of CPC Committee, Vice-president of SHUFE Law (in charge) Professor Song Xiaoyan, Vice-president and Vice-professor of SHUFE Law Hu Ling, Director of J.M Education Center Professor Xu Jiqiang, etc.


Approximately 80 graduates of LLM in Law and their families come from Shanghai, Guangdong, Wenzhou, Yunnan attended the ceremony. Professor Wang Shuyi, Wang Quanxing, Xu Jiqiang, Liu Shuilin, Zhu Xiaozhe, Li Hongmei, Tu Tianfeng, and Vice-Professor Zengjian, Lv Tiezhen, Xu Jian, Ye Wenping, Li Yu, Li Rui is present at the Graduation Ceremony as well.


The Ceremony, which was moderated by Vice-professor Zhou Jiepu, SHUFE Law’s Secretary of CPC Committee, began around solemn national anthem. Assistant Principal and Executive Vice-president of Graduate School Zheng Shaohua firstly shared three keywords with graduates, that is Transformation which means they have to transform their identity of student into their duties in time, Responsibility which means work and essay is both too important to give up, Diligence which means study diligently is of a paramount importance. Secondly, Professor Zheng Shaohua impressed that a legal person should have three qualities, one is rational and independent thinking, one is distinguishing good and evil by inner conviction, the rest is facing life bravely even though it’s not good. Only if we have all these three qualities can we really be the backbone of our nation.



 SHUFE Law’s Vice-president(in charge) Professor Song Xiaoyan addressed then, she firstly impressed her congratulations to students for their upcoming graduation and her thanks to students for their support to Law School’s work. Then she hoped everyone could remember everyone here could remember forever that SHUFE Law will always “be proud of you and take pride in you”, hope that everyone could “refuse the abyss and embrace the sun”, hope that everyone can be an irreplaceable person in their own fields. Finally, she said, SHUFE Law can’t development so much without everyone’s support, wisdom and help, hope that one day, Law School could be everyone’s proud.



Guangdong Judge College’s Vice-president and Senior Judge Chen Xuebin shared his several thoughts about how to be a real legal man. First is thickening virtues, a qualified legal man should be a man who has both ability and political integrity and often be with awe. Second is augmenting learning, a legal man should learn lifelong, explore and sound personality continuously. Third is High aspirations, a legal man should be brave in undertaking a mission of safeguard social fairness and justice.



Vice-president of Continuous Education School of Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College Huang Shengping congratulated students to have a nice graduation in his speech and put forward some wishes to share with. NO.1, hoped them keep learning enthusiasm through the postgraduate stage, hold original will and aspire to success. NO.2, hoped them to be a person with academic accomplishment and lofty realm. NO.3, gave teachers most sincere thanks and best wishes for their hard work.



Then, Professor Zhu Xiaozhe spoke as a tutor representative, congratulated students as well for graduating successfully and taking SHUFE as a starting point to contribute to the building of China’s society with rule of law. He talked about two tips, one is believing law’s scientificity firmly and inheriting the knowledge system which regards both conceptual logic and value judgement; second is making judgements for the value of lively legal reality based on a strong sense and consciousness of methodology of it. Finally, Professor Zhu Xiaozhe sent his sincere blessings and ardent hope to the students.



 After the Professor Zhu, the student Tang Haibo spoke as a student representative who is from Wenshan in Yunnan Province. He talked about his gratitude to SHUFE as an Alma Mater, his thanks to teachers, his thoughts about three-year learning. He said, three-year learning life has cultivated his strict logical thinking ability, the professional knowledge reserves, as well as a broad academic vision.



After the speeches of teachers and students, Vice-president of SHUFE Law, Professor Hu Ling, read the “Excellent Academic Award” list and guests issued the certificates to eleven students. After that, Professor Xu Jiqiang Read the degree granting decision. When reading ended, 2017 raduates of LLM in Law mounted the rostrum to accept the certificates and let presidents fiddle with their tassel, around the emotional music, and they took a photo.



“We today are students everywhere, tomorrow will be pillars of society.” In a warm atmosphere of everybody’s singing GRADUATION, 2017 LLM in Law’s Ceremony brought to a successful close.



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