A Experts Workshop about Construction and Developing Plans of Law Convened by the Academy



Translated by YAO JIAMIN


March 28, 2017, Law School of SUFE(Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) successfully convened a experts workshop about construction and developing plans of law majors in the conference room of Law Building.This experts workshop consisted of Professor Sun Changyong,Vice President of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Professor Guan Baoying,Vice President of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and Professor Wang Yueming,Dean of East China University of Political Science and Law. Among the three experts, Professor Sun Changyong held the post of leading this expert group. Professor Song Xiaoyan,Associate Dean of SUFE Law School(presided over the work) and Associate Dean of SUFE Law School,Hu Ling,who is in charge of undergraduate teaching work also attended the expert workshop.



  At the workshop, Associate Dean Hu Ling reported the status quo of construction of law majors in the faculty and existing problems to the expert group at first.Then he elaborated the goal of construction in our faculty,which involved the scale of school, school conditions, curriculum construction, teaching and scientific research and other aspects. After that,Hu made a comprehensive introduction about personnel training on the specifications, the optimization of teaching staff, the improvement of teaching conditions, curriculum construction improvement, scientific research organization, system, site security and other specific measures to the expert group.



Members of the expert group listened carefully to the report by Hu Ling and thought that construction of law majors in the faculty and developing plans had clear objectives, definite methods, rich content, reasonable structure, and fully demonstrated the characteristics of integration between law and economics,which is in line with overall orientation of cultivating talents in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.When the program of cultivating talents is recognized, the expert group also carried out deep analysis on the training programs and other teaching work at the same time.Furthermore,they came up with specific views about further improvement, recommending to fully reflect the comprehensive promotion of "rule by law" and requirements of "one way" strategy and Shanghai Free Trade Area construction.Meanwhile,the structure of specific construction content needs to be optimized.



After a fruitful discussion and communication with the expert group, Professor Song Xiaoyan expressed his sincere appreciation to the expert group for the improving proposals. The faculty will further modify and perfect the construction of undergraduate programs and optimize the construction of majors in combination with experts’ suggestions.


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