Xiang Zhejun Law Development Fund’s Foundation Ceremony and Donation Ceremony was Grandly Held


Translated by Zhu Wenting


On the morning of 21st May, 2017, Xiang Zhejun Law Development Fund’s Foundation Ceremony and Donation Ceremony was grandly held on the first floor of the lecture hall in the Entrepreneurship Center which is in the Wuchuan Road Campus of SHUFE. professors of Shanghai Jiaotong University Xiang Longwan and Jiang Bi, son and daughter-in-law of Xiang Zhejun, were invited to participated into the ceremony. A total of more than 410 people include President Fan Liming, Vice President Fang Hua, President’s Assistant Zheng Shaohua, Director of Cooperation and Development Chen Hongmei, other leaders of functional departments, and brother Schools, teachers of Law School, current teachers, part-time mentors and previous alumni of SHUFE attend this ceremony.


Xiang Zhejun (1892-1987) who was born in Ningxiang of Hunan Province , Chinese famous jurist, was admitted to Tsinghua school when he was young and got Bachelor of Arts degree at Yale University and Bachelor of Laws at George Washington University when he stayed in the United States. After the Anti-Japanese War, he was appointed as the Chinese Prosecutor of the Far East International Military Court, between February 1946 to December 1948, he also did a full participation in the Tokyo trial. He made a great contribution to the excellent completion of his historical mission in setting up a combat effectiveness Chinese prosecution group and widely collecting criminals evidence in the wars. Later, he took the positions as professors of Daxia University, Dongwu University, Fudan University and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences to taught Anglo-American Law and Comparative Law. In 1960, he took the professor of SHUFE and retired in 1965.


The circulation time, passing the torch, in the SHUFE’s birthday of one hundred years, SHUFE Law has also welcome the birthday of thirty years. Over thirty years, SHUFE laws inherit the spirit of holding the power of law and protecting the justice of the country, make unremitting efforts and constantly work hard, focus on Anglo-American Law and Comparative Law’s education. Since 2012, the "Anglo-American Law Certificate Course" has been launched in the undergraduate program. Through the “Socrates teaching” method and curriculum design, training the students’ abilities of critical thinking, literature searching, horizons broadening, language expressing, etc. The characteristic of "Anglo-American Law Certificate Course" asking students to take eight full English courses when they study Chinese laws including basic and advanced courses to improve their basic abilities. This program not only can promote the internationalization of Law School, but also can enhance the international impact of SHUFE and Law School.


Three decades of trials, hardships and tempered forwarding, SHUFE Law has developed to be a school with law disciplines with higher status, distinctive features and outstanding advantages. Law School also has transported and cultivated a large number of outstanding legal talents, academic elites and practical leaders for contemporary Chinese law education, legal research and legal practice, writing a new Chinese law education gorgeous chapter.


21st May, 2017, at SHUFE’s birth of one hundred years and Law School’s birth of thirty years, SHUFE Law has founded not only alumni association, but also Xiang Zhejun Law Development Fund. The ceremony invited Xiang Zhejun’s child Mr. Xiang Longwan to speech, he said he was very honored to attend foundation ceremony of SHUFE Law’s alumni association and establishment of Law Development Fund which named after his father's name. He first introduced the deep roots and close ties between his father Mr. Xiang Zhejun and SHUFE, thanked our university on behalf of his families and recognized to the establishment of Xiang Zhejun Law Development Fund. Mr. Xiang said that this year is also the "918 incident" 86th anniversary commemoration and Japan's negation of the Tokyo trial forces are gradually moving to the front. In the year of the Tokyo trial, the Chinese delegation was composed of seventeen people, of which ten were related to Dongwu University. So he hoped that the students here would be lofty, hard-working and with rich family feelings, to dedicate themselves to the construction of the rule of law in China.




Then, Mr. Xiang Longwan, Vice-president of SHUFE Fang Hua, President Assistant Zheng Shaohua and the donor on behalf of 2007 in-place law master alumni, Director of Zhejiang Bo Ning Law Firm Fan Yun, 1991 level alumni of economic law, Zhonghong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Tian Manyi, 1992 level of economic law alumni, Director of Zhejiang Jinsui Law Firm Chen Yiting and other people to start the Xiang Zhejun Law Development Fund’s opening ball, in the meantime, Mr. Xiang Longwan, Vice President Fang Hua and President Assistant Zheng Shaohua issued a donation certificate for the donation representative.


Since the preparation of Xiang Zhejun Law Development Fund, it has gotten attention and support from teachers, students, alumni and communities wise people, in less than a month, a total of seventy-four people have contacted several classes and working groups to reach an intention to donate, the total amount of donation were RMB 1,353,166, actual amount due  and the amount due has been RMB 637,468 at the time of publiction.


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