SUFE Successfully Held the Second Session of the Law Alumni Forum ----One of the Law School 30th Anniversary Series of Events


By Translator, Zhu Mengjun


One hundred years of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, thirty years of law school. In October 21, 2017, law education of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics for three decades, the second Law Alumni Forum which was entitled "The Cultivation of Law Talents and the Knowledge Structure of Legal Integration", was sponsored by Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in the lecture hall of entrepreneurship training center of Wuchuan Road Campus. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics assistant principal Zheng Shaohua, law school party secretary and law school alumni president Zhou JiePu, vice president of law school (presided over the work) Song Xiaoyan and law school alumni, teachers and students attend the forum.



The Law School 1991 session of the economic law class alumni, Guangdong Midea Real Estate Development Group President He Hengle, the 1992 session of the economic law class alumni, Polar Star International Ltd. chairman Sun Yaping, the 1997 session of the economic law class alumni, CITIC Securities healthcare industry leader, sponsor representative Cheng Jie, the 1997 session of the economic law class alummi, Shanghai Higher People's Court Criminal one trial head Meng Meng, the 2001 session of the international economic law class alumni, Shanghai Disney resort senior legal adviser Du Bo, the 1999 session of the international economic law class, 2002 session of the master of economics law alumni, Alibaba Cultural and Entertainment Group, the big potato business group of legal director Tang Di, the 2013 session of the Master of Law in Shanghai class alumni, Jun Lan law firm shareholder partner, executive supervisor Li Man Lin, seven outstanding alumni were invited to attend the forum, which focused on the theme of "The Cultivation of Law Talents and the Knowledge Structure of Legal Integration" . The forum was presided by Ma Yao,the 1992 session of economic law class alumni ,(Fuzhou) GuoHao law firm partner, supervisor.



Professor Song Xiaoyan, vice president of the Law School (presided over the work), first reported the Alumni Association's achievements to the alumni. Since May 21, 2017, Law School Alumni Association actively contact alumni, quickly established alumni contact network, attention to "one will be a brand" construction, and strive to build "Law Alumni Forum" brand, dedicated to the Law School Alumni Association as a professional community to promote alumni career development. For the next development of the Alumni Association of Law School, Professor Song Xiaoyan said that the institute will continue to do the alumni's organizational work on the basis of the existing alumni, and establish the alumni organization according to the actual situation of the alumni of the law school, do the Law School Alumni Association of brand building, continue to run the law alumni forum; do alumni contact work and visit the work, to create alumni feedback alma mater atmosphere, strive for all aspects of social forces to support the development of colleges and Universities.



In the open forum, invited guests around the "legal talent training and legal integration of the knowledge structure" of the theme, combined with their own school and work experience, full exchange and sharing, express their views. Each one airs his own views. High perspicacity resonates with alumni and school teachers and students.


As legal origin but cross industry development of the outstanding representatives, He Hengle, Cheng Jie and Sun Yaping three alumni talked about the help of legal knowledge to their cross-border development, and share the experience of how to integrate their own industry characteristics with legal knowledge.


He Hengle alumni with "four seven years" introduced his career and career experience, from the government departments engaged in the provision of legal services for enterprises to leave the government in the Midea corporate engaged in corporate legal work, and then gradually turned to corporate audit, business work, however, arrive at the bottle neck period and then choose to study, and then now become the group president. He said that in these three decades of experience, most of his recollections of the university during the study or in the beginning of the heart, but also the beginning of the heart, so that he persevered so far. Law origin to now engaged in economic sectors, although the change is large, but the same is risk awareness accumulated in the past legal learning. After the cross-border business, this risk awareness and intuition for his risk and profit balance in the decision-making to provide a great help. Talking about the development of law school disciplines, he said, compared with the traditional "four homes five series", "legal business integration" is our core competitiveness of the law school, both have the legal background of financial talents, and has the legal foundation of the financial talent is the difference we have the advantage, therefore, the future development of the college and personnel training, need to pay more attention to this differentiated advantage.



Sun Yaping alumni said have backgrounds of law in business, on the matter of all have their own awareness of the bottom line, but also pay more attention to business integrity, it is also very important. At the same time, combined with the legal system of the United States, he said that with a stronger professionalism is also the future development of China's legal career trends. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Alumni Association in the United States has been established, as the vice president of the alumni, Sun Yaping alumni hope to see more law school students in the future, at the same time he said he was very willing to help the law school students to the United States for further development.



Cheng Jie alumni combined with his work experience in the securities industry after graduation, share the significance of the integration of law and economics on their career promotion. Combined with the development trend of the times and market changes, emphasized that in the current industry boundaries become increasingly blurred, the rise of artificial intelligence and other background, the more demand for complex talents, but also higher requirements. At the same time, through the integration of law and economics, self protection ability is also enhanced, so that we can in the process of career development touches the bottom line of law, will be more conscious. Cheng Jie alumni also hope that we can cherish the time in school, seize the opportunity and improve professional quality.



As a representative of the legal profession, Meng Meng, who has been engaged in judicial work for 20 years, shares his background and experience in the field of criminal justice. He summed up the characteristics of the law school of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics at the "Little, Fast, Spirit". The college is small, but more conducive to the close contact between teachers and students, elite education mode has better learning experience; at the same time, major updates quickly, for express, change quickly, and the students have the aura, choose more flexible, professional and practical features. But at the same time, the law school students have to face their own short board, and pay more attention to morality and law and liberal arts. As a student, to strengthen academic learning, broaden their horizons, increase their own have the whole world in view, cultural heritage, in maintaining the flexibility at the same time, there must be practical and drive force, insist on keeping and pragmatic state. Finally, Meng Meng alumni with "selection, competency, adhere to " the three words were summarized, that choose our own industry, to have a high degree, and for the industry needs to have our own accumulation, to have the thickness and depth, and finally, to persist in our industry.



Du Bo alumni and Tang Di alumni with corporate legal experience have shared the "comprehensive ability of corporate legal affairs".


Du Bo alumni introduced their own foreign school, working in the law firm and then transferred to the enterprise engaged in legal work experience, and he said that learning the law is ultimately a problem-solving ability. The dialectical analysis and the ability to solve problems in the development of legal education are of great value in the process of career development.

With regard to the characteristics of talents needed in the future, the development of artificial intelligence will require future talents to have more added value and strategic thinking ability, and non primary programs can be replaced. These talents have more potential for development. At present the market requirements of the company's legal affairs from the "problem is what" up to the "how to solve the problem", but also need to give the company's strategy, business philosophy consistent with the feasibility recommendations in order to achieve the maximization of corporate value.



Tang Di with the theme of "each is entitled legal risk control director" to start her share. She said that for corporate lawyer, the core value is how to solve the problem on the bottom line of the law, there is not enough financial knowledge for the development of corporate lawyer, there is a certain difficulty. Therefore, the need of combining theory with practice, the accepted method of inclusive education, grasp the legal basis and practice at the same time, according to economic theory, practice and accumulation of macro economic background of learning, which is conducive to the emergence in the enterprise risk by calculating the risk return to make decision. She expressed appreciation for the strong adaptability of the students of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, but also expressed the vision for the future development of the law school: hope that the law school of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics can become a fusion of law and economics of the Dharma Institute, hoping to have effective corporate legal practice training, pioneering research field of Internet legal territory.



Li Manlin alumni said that "the integration of law and economy" is aimed at the cultivation of compound talents, she introduced the Anglo-American and other countries of the legal personnel training model, and share her own feeling and view of legal personnel training in China's current situation, in the market environment of the shortage of high-end complex legal talent, the legal person with the knowledge and structure of integration of law and economy has a stronger competitive advantage, a faster growth trend and a bigger growth space, and more trust by the employing unit.


When she talked about the ways to cultivate talents with knowledge structure of the integration of law and economy, she also expressed his views, including majoring in law, minor financial and financial accounting, double degree system, joint degree system, encouraging participation in summer practice, and participating in various qualification examinations.



The wonderful sharing of the guests also led to the alumni and students in the field of thinking, in the interactive session, the 1988 session of the economic law class alumni, TOYOTA (Chinese) Investment Limited Company, Tang Wenfeng, general manager of financial management department, combined with her own cross-border to take the CPA career experience between China and the United States, it is recommended that you do not because of the current professional and give their own development direction set too many restrictions, she encouraged students to follow their own interests, spend more time, so the future road choice will be more The more the more. Students also take this opportunity to engage in an enthusiastic interaction with outstanding alumni. With several alumni experience on "the College Students' career advice", several alumni agree, they think, before the start of the industry needs a solid foundation and cognitive connections and the accumulation of capital and outstanding entrepreneurial team, they encourage students to accumulate and entrepreneurship. It also highlights the law people's cautious attitude and risk awareness.



Finally, Zheng Shaohua, the headmaster's assistant, delivered the closing speech. He introduced a series of activities, including international forums, alumni forums and legal community forums, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the School of Law of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and regarded it as a vehicle for demonstrating the development of law schools. He believes that the integration of law and economy is a comparative advantage in the cultivation of compound talents of the law school of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and the guests put forward to strengthen the quality of education recommendations agreed. He said that quality education is more important than vocational education, playing the basis of liberal arts education in order to stimulate greater possibilities. On how to do a better job in the integration of law and economics, he hoped that the law school will be able to more integration of internal and external, domestic and foreign resources, in the integration of knowledge and knowledge structure for students to provide more opportunities. When referring to the distinctive characteristics of the law school "Three type One kind" legal talent training model, he said, "academic, professional, professional, complex" this model still needs to mature the joint efforts of the majority of alumni and school teachers and students. He said that alumni is a bridge between university and society, alumni experience is very valuable to students, and hope alumni often go home to walk back to his alma mater, and to actively contribute to the community. Finally, Professor Zheng Shaohua expressed the hope that the law school can continue to improve the law school alumni forum, the legal career development forum and other brand building, so that alumni and teachers and students in close contact with the link, to build the financial community to work.



The current law alumni forum in a relaxed, active atmosphere came to an end.



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