2017 SHUFE Overseas Legal Forum Lecture 6 : “Artificial Intelligence and Law” and LLM Project Lecture


Translated by Zhu Wenting, 26th November, 2017


On the evening of 15th November, Dr. Rolf Friedewald, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law and Finance of Frankfurt University in Germany, brought Ms. Zhang Xiaojing, the Director of Recruitment and Marketing of their school, come to our school to hold a speech entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Law” and to preach LL.M Project. Law School’s Vice Dean Professor Ge Weijun warmly welcomed them on behalf of the law school.



Dr. Rolf Friedewald introduced the connotation of AI (Artificial Intelligence), its economic, commercial and social impacts, its  impact on global law, its prospects and thinking to our students. Ms. Zhang Xiaojing showed the beautiful environment, strong faculty, rigorous learning atmosphere and diversified education programs of their university to our students with video clips, and welcomed more law school students to go to Germany for further studies.


Germany Frankfurt University is a comprehensive public university, located in the center of the German financial business and land and air transport hub Frankfurt. It has four campus located in the city with 16 colleges and more than 170 kinds of majors and 600 professors. Besides, It also has many sponsors including Germany Ministry of Finance. The Faculty of Law and Finance was established in 2002 and the LLM project started in July 2014 with four batches of students enrolled. For our Law School’s undergraduates and master students’ questions which actively raised on the training programs, eligibility requirements, graduation standards, employment conditions and tuition fees for LLM projects, both Dr. Friedewald and Ms. Zhang Xiaojing gave patient answers. Finally, the lecture ended in a friendly atmosphere.



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