Following the glory of centuries, containing the spirit of law----Law School at Shanghai University of Finance and Economy alumni, retired teachers, guests and teachers and students gathered in the centennial celebration


By Writer (& Translator):Zhu Mengjun,


In November 18, 2017, Shanghai University of Finance and Economy celebrated its centennial celebration day. 1200 alumni of law school from abroad and home actively participated in the celebration. They congratulated the centenary of the alma mater and the 30th anniversary commemoration of the law school with retired teachers, distinguished guests and teachers and students.



Since September, the School of Law at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has continued to carry out the series of celebrations,“Bear of Shanghai University of Finance and Economy houde erudite ambition, Inheritance one hundred years of Economic Council of the soul”as the theme,extensive publicity in the alumni, the celebration of anniversary activities continue to climax.In October, the college held a series of celebrations for the 30th anniversary celebration, which culminated in the centenary celebration. Alumni also expressed their wishes to their alma maters and mothers in various ways.



At 7:30 on the celebration day, the college is a joyous one. Under the leadership of the party secretary Zhou Jiepu and vice president (in charge) Song Xiaoyan of the School of Law, 120 volunteers are dressed in uniform volunteer costumes,On your marks in their respective positions, waiting for the alumni home.





At the front of the General Gymnasium, 15 teachers volunteer and 15 students volunteer stood at the law school early to sign up and enthusiastically received the alumni who participated in the "100th Anniversary Memorial conference of Shanghai University of Finance and Economy". There were 130 guests, alumni and teachers and students from the law school.The 100th Anniversary General Assembly is chaired by Vice President Jiang Chuanhai and addressed by Party Secretary Cong Shuhai.On the occasion of the centennial celebration, the school organized  the first Guo Bingwen award and the first distinguished alumni award of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economy, produced 10 winners respectively. Tan Zhongyi, an alumni of Law 2009 of Law School, won the outstanding alumni award.Tan Zhongyi alumnus is the main team player of Chinese chess team, grand chess master of chess, won the 2017 World Chess Championship, became the 16th chess in chess history.









School attendance hall crowded, alumni come from the Quartet, gathered together,volunteers enthusiastically guide the seniors in the blessing board signature, to release albums and guide for the centennial celebration of alumni, alumni and guide to law school classrooms to watch "Shanghai University of Finance and Economy 100th anniversary commemorative Conference". At the same time, the college building is very busy. Secretary Zhou Jiepu and the 2007 grade of  in-service law master class is cordial exchanges, and for the class to donate a tree with luxuriant foliage of the camphor tree opening, meaning centuries-old. Alumni in succession take a group photo to mark the occasion with the Law School stone and the Xiezhi statue symbolizing justice and justice.The alumni have written on the signature version of the blessings of the college. Although the writing method is mature, the feeling to the college is the first time. In the hall, the alumni have also posed in the statue zhejun Professor, hopes for the older jurist's reverence. The college has prepared warm French bread for everyone, and the atmosphere of friendship and care is filled in the college building.







In the activities of alumni return to school, Law school shares nine classes to collective back to school,including 03 grade of Master of Law,05 grade of undergraduate,05 grade of Master of Law,88 grade of undergraduate, 03 grade of international economic law class,06 grade of in-service graduate students in Shanghai class,07 grade of in-service graduate students in Shanghai class,07 grade of Master of Law.Alumni went to the office to visit the teachers of that year and also invited teachers to join them in the party. Zheng Shaohua, assistant to the president of Shanghai University of Finance and Economy, Zhou Jiepu, party secretary of the law school, and Song Xiaoyan, vice president (presiding over the work) come to the alumni cordial and talk to the alumni, concern about their current situation, and hope them often return to their alma mater, to the college to see the teacher and college mentees. Many alumni have been married and settled down, bringing their parents, children back to college together, feeling of happiness shows between the lines.










The law school retired teachers also returned to the college to attend the 100th anniversary commemorative conference. After the meeting in the college 220 meeting room forum, a total of the old style, a total of a hundred years college blueprint.In the meantime, retired teacher Li Wencai donated to the college the books, award-winning essays, honor certificates and relevant conference materials he published during his teaching in 1987, including the teaching briefing written during 1983 during the economic law department. Some of the experience "and the 1984" legal "copy newspaper information. These paper materials are a long time, very memorable and valuable, and are also a valuable asset for the college.




At 13:00 in the afternoon, the "Facing Dean" session hosted by Law School was held in Room 116 of Law School. Associate Dean (presided over the work) Professor Song Xiaoyan and more than 40 alumni attended the event.The atmosphere was very harmonious,Professor Song Xiaoyan emphatically introduced the training of talents from four aspects:cultivating academic talents,cultivating talents with  characteristics of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economy,Cultivating internationalized high-quality talents with international vision.The alumni of the conference are in common with the flourishing law college.




At 14:00 in the afternoon, law school Yao Shaojie teacher took another lesson for the back school alumni at second teaching building 201 classroom.Teacher Yao carefully prepared a lesson for the alumni: the "golden mean" of the traditional legal thought, The course was snatched in seconds after the course went online, the alumni revisited the current class in the popular classroom 2201, after the end of the class ,alumni one after another have a message message blessing Yao teacher and school.





At 14:30 in the afternoon,hosted by the school of law and the International Cultural Exchange School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics "memory - sound" 100 year anniversary concert lawn in Research Center building of the lawn in front of the concert by singing,the concert by the association of alumni and students involved, attracted a large number of University Alumni enjoyed.School of law alumni Chen Rong (1987 grade), Luo Guoqiang (1996 grade), Wang Yuanchao (2004 grade), Ge Tuo (2007 grade) and Wei He,the two generation of wealth of the law school,respectively singing on stage, with memories of their youth, blessing the school and the law school with the best songs.







One hundred years of glory, thirty years together. In the past one hundred years,Shanghai University of Finance and Economy share the same breath and the same fate with the motherland, In the past thirty years, the law school has developed a leap in the support of all walks of life and schools.I wish that the law school in the new century of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economy could temper forward and create new achievements.


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