SHUFE’s 2015 Graduation Ceremony for LLM was Hold Grandly

Translated by Zhu Wenting, March 10th


On the morning of January 14th,2018, SHUFE’s Graduation Ceremony for the 2015 JM students in service was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of the administrative building.


The guests who attended the Graduation Ceremony included Prof. Zheng Shaohua, the Assistant to the President of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Chen Xuebin, Deputy Dean and Senior Judge of Guangdong Judge College; Mei Suibin, Deputy Secretary of the Party branch of Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College; Professor Zhou Jiepu, Party Secretary of the Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Song Xiaoyan, Associate Dean of the Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (hosting work); Professor Ge Weijun, Associate Dean of the Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Associate Professor Hu Ling, Associate Dean of the Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economic; Luo Shanhong, Deputy Secretary of the Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Prof. Director of JM Education Center of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Xu Jiqiang, etc. Besides, Prof. Wang Shuyi, Prof. Wang Quanxing, Prof. Wang Shuyi, Prof. Wang Quanyi, Prof. Ma Hong, Prof. Liu Shuilin, Prof. Wang Fuhua, Prof. Zhang Shengcui, Associate Professor Li Hongmei, Associate Professor Zeng Jian, Associate Professor Zhao Weijia, Associate Professor Ye Yuping, Associate Professor Xu Jian, Associate Professor He Jiaxin, Teacher Zhang Kaijun, Teacher Li Rui, Teacher Li Yu, Teacher Fan Jian, Teacher Su Pan, Teacher Dai Yue and more than 100 graduates and their families, who from Shanghai, Guangdong, Wenzhou, Yunnan and so on, attended the Graduation Ceremony.





The Graduation Ceremony kicked off under the chairmanship of Professor Zhou Jiepu, the Party Secretary of SHUFE Law. In the solemn national anthem, the ceremony officially began and Professor Zheng Shaohua, assistant to the president of SHUFE, delivered a speech firstly. He pointed out that the graduate of 2015 JM students on-th-job is on the occasion of SHUFE’s 100th birthday and SHUFE Law’s 30th birthday, he want to use three sentences with them: First is “take the law seriously”. treat the law as a belief rather than a tool and pursue it for life. He said he hoped that everyone present should pay more attention on the procedure and enhance the sense of ritual when you are engaged in legal work. Second is “listen to your heart” with conscious as a kernel, contribute to the improvement of the quality of the rule of law. Third is “have a strong heart and strength”, exercise more and learn to reduce own pressure, this point is the basis of the two points above.



(Prof. Zheng Shaohua gave a speech)


Professor Song Xiaoyan, Deputy Dean of the Law School (hosting work), hopes that after graduation, no matter what kind of work they do, they still can use the requirements of “legal person” to guide themselves and ember it in whole life, and maintain the ability to think independently. To this end, she suggested that graduates should first read more books as they can to establish a sufficient knowledge base; second, they should have humane care and learn to empathize. They also should strengthen their ability to think independently and don’t develop the habit of commenting under their knees.



(Prof. Song Xiaoyan gave a speech)


Chen Xuebin, a part-time master tutor at SHUFE and Deputy Director of the Guangdong Judges College, shared his insights in his congratulations on graduates. “Either the completion of studies, the achievements of work, or the happiness of families, they all need to work hard and overcome difficulties.”. He encourages his classmates to strive for happiness through hard work, strives to brighten our alma mater, strives to make more contribution for the country and society. He expressed his profound gratitude to SHUFE for its contribution for training legal talents in Guangdong for the past nine years.



(Deputy Director Chen Xuebin delivers a speech)


In his speech, Mei Suibin, Deputy Secretary of the Party’s General Branch of the Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College, hoped that the graduates shouldn’t forget their original intentions and maintain their enthusiasm in their studies, at the same time, dare to pursue and grasp the new opportunities given by the new era, integrate work and study. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to the leaders and tutors of SHUFE and hope that he will be able to train more outstanding legal talents for Wenzhou in the future.



(Deputy Secretary Mei Suibin gave a speech)


Zhang Kaijun, SHUFE Law’s teacher, spoke as a tutor. He explained his experience of guiding students' essays, not only expressed his understanding to students' academic and family burdens, but he also emphasized the importance of the quality of legal talent training and the attitude and a tutor needs, in the meantime, he also thought  a tutor has responsibility to help students tap their own potential.



(Zhang Kaijun gave a speech)


Qi Jianying, who came from the Huangpu District People’s Court of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province, recalled the unforgettable three-year study time and expressed his sincere gratitude to the teachers for their hard work as a student representative. He also stated that he will combine legal theory with practice and adhere to the “Study More, Save Times with Economy” ——SHUFE’S Motto, even if he is in ordinary jobs, he will still contribute to the construction of China’s rule of law.



(Qi Jianying gave a speech)


Subsequently, Song Xiaoyan, Vice President of SHUFE Law (presided over the work), issued the certificate to Cai Xiaohong, the representative of the 2015 JM-in-job’s Wenzhou class. 2015 JM-in-job’s Wenzhou class thanked SHUFE for education and donated to the construction of Law School’s Cultural Wall to better promote the spirit of the rule of law and further enhance the cultural self-confidence.




Professor Ge Weijun, Associate Dean of School of SHUFE Law, read out the list of outstanding academic awards, 12 outstanding graduates such as Cao Yu received this honor.




Associate Prof. Hu Ling, Associate Dean of School of SHUFE Law, read out the degree award for a total of 104 candidates, including 90 JM degree, 12 LL.M degree and 2 PhD in Economics.




Afterwards, the 2015 graduates went on the rostrum in turn and accepted the certificates allocated hats issued by the leaders and honored guests and took Commemorative photos. This moment will forever be fixed in every graduate’s mind, motivating them not to forget what they really want in the beginning, to keep their mission in mind and to move forward.




After singing the graduation song and watching the VCR of Law School, the Graduation Ceremony for the 2015 Master of Law came to an end. All the graduates also drew a successful ending for this academic period.




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