The visit and investigation at SUFE Law School of Shanghai Oriental Notary Office Secretary Wang Xinghe and others

Translated by Tina Yin, 4th April


At 15:00 on March 21st, 2018, the Party Secretary of the Shanghai Oriental Notary Office and Deputy Director of the Party Committee Wang Xinghe, the Financial Notary Officer Wang Guobiao, and the Office Information Officer Huang Yizhen visited the law school for investigation. The Dean (hosting work) Song Xiaoyan, Vice President Hu Ling, and Deputy Party Secretary Luo Shanhong attended the meeting.



Secretary Wang Xinghe first introduced the basic situation of Shanghai Dongfang Notary Office in recent years. As a top-notch legal service agency in Shanghai, many notary staff are employed at the office, a wide range of notary services are provided, and the quality provided are quite nice. At the same time, Secretary Wang Xinghe also made presentations on the recent development of the Shanghai Dongfang Notary Office, the newly expanded business, work efficiency, future development trends, and the stability and training of personnel at the Oriental Notary Office.


Deputy Dean of the Law School (hosting work) Song Xiaoyan warmly welcomed Wang Xinghe and his party. Dean Song consulted the visitors about the contents of the legal services of the Oriental Notary Office, the business expansion and other development situation.


During the talks, both parties believed that there is a good basis for the law school and the Oriental Notary Office to cooperate. Notarization is legal service work, which should be based on law. It has strong professional nature and a good space for development. The Law School is working hard to cultivate legal talents who not only have a solid foundation in legal theory, but also have good command of finance and legal system. Therefore, both parties put forward cooperation intention  in the cooperation on teaching, study and research, and practice base and reached an agreement on the construction of teaching and research bases and the cultivation of legal talents.


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