Professor Oren Gazal Ayal Visited SUFE Law School

Translated by Tina Yin, 2018.4.24


Professor Oren Gazal Ayal, dean of the University of Haifa Law School in Israel, visited our law school for a week-long visit starting from April 2, 2018.


On the afternoon of April 2, Professor Ayal, Professor Xianyan Song, Vice President of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) and Vice President Weijun Ge held a cooperation meeting. Professor Song first gave a warmest welcome to Professor Ayal's visit. Professor Song said that University of Haifa, as one of the largest comprehensive research universities in Israel, enjoys a very high international reputation. The University of Haifa is in the leading position in many subject fields, including legal research. The SUFE Law School is also the forerunner and pioneer in legal frontier issues. Therefore, the two schools could cooperate on academic activities in specific areas in order to conduct more researches with higher intersections and higher complexity; also, the education quality of the students in two schools can be improved with mutual help and their international horizon will be expanded. Professor Ayal agreed with this opinion. He said that SUFE Law School has been developing rapidly in recent years, and the curriculum has been increasingly international, which indicts that a brand-new change will be brought to the whole world by the graduates from SUFE Law School in the near future. In this process, the world cultural advantage, the international learning environment and the overseas study experience of the high platform provided by University of Haifa Law School will definitely play a key role. After the conversation, both sides expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation between the two schools and signed the student exchange agreement on the spot.




On the afternoon of April 3, Professor Ayal held a symposium and some teachers and students of our law school attended. Professor Ayal introduced Israel's legal system which is combined with religious law and common law, and took marriage law as an example to introduce the conflict and coexistence between these two different legal systems. The discussion also introduced the evolution of Israel's unwritten constitution and the current application of respect for basic human rights in statutory law. Subsequently, starting from the illegal immigration of Israel in the late 1900s, Professor Ayal further described the problems of the Israeli legal system in the relationship with human rights and international law. The teachers and students engaged in a heated discussion about whom the Israeli judicial system is responsible for, how to supervise the legal system and the judicial influence of the judge’s faith.



On the evening of April 4th, Professor Ayal delivered a speech as the second speech of the 2018 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Overseas Jurisprudence Forum at the 220 conference room of the law school building. The speech is “The Innocence Effect In Plea Bargaining” hosted by the Vice President Pro. Ge Weijun, reviewed by Pro. Li Rui and Pro. Kang Jingjing, attended by all the master's degree students and some undergraduates. During the speech, Pro. Ayal gave a brief introduction of the definition of innocence effect and the background of the plea bargaining, and compared the advantages and disadvantages of the empirical research and experimental research through the Tulia Case. Finally, according to previous analysis, Pro. Ayal concluded the connotation of the innocence effect —— the innocent defendant chose more times than the guilty defendant, so that the plea transaction led to a lower risk of wrongful convictions than previously thought, and the defendant's judgement was higher than the defendant's judgment which was not affected by the innocence effect.


The teachers and students present listened carefully to Professor Ayal's speech. The two teachers commented on this academic achievement from different respects. Pro. Li Rui affirmed the advantages of plea bargaining to both the prosecution and the defense, and introduced Professor Ayal's system of confession and punishment in China and its development. Pro. Kang Jingjing thought that the study of the theme is very meaningful, the research method is very new. She also introduced the similar system in China and the main direction of relevant researches of the Chinese scholars to Pro. Ayal, which is plead guilty to leniency which absorbed the reasonableness of plea bargaining. Subsequently, two students present put forward more in-depth question about this speech to Professor Ayal. Professor Ayal also further explained the two effects of the innocence effect: the very self confident effect of the acquittal in the court and the moral point of insistence on his innocence.


The University of Haifa is the largest public comprehensive research university in northern Israel, located in Haifa, the third largest city in Israel. The university is the forerunner and pioneer in legal frontier issues and has many innovative research centers and institutions. The visit of Dean Ayal of the Law School provided an opportunity to promote exchanges between the two schools. It also marked as the further expansion of our institute's internationalization.



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