SUFE Law School Won the Second Prize in ICC Moot Court Competition of 2018


Translated by Tina Yin, May 2018


From April 21st to April 23rd, the delegation of our Law School traveled to Renmin University of China in Beijing to participate in the domestic trial of International Criminal Court Chinese Domestic Moot Court Competition. After a fierce competition in the Memorandum and the official race, we scored 8thoverall the 48 teams participated the competition and won the National Second Prize. At the same time, the prosecutor’s defense won the judges consent with her calm-minded answer and clarified statement, and obtained the title of Best Oral Prosecution Lawyer. 



International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition (ICC Moot Court Competition) is simulated court competition among the Universities organized by International Criminal Courts and local organizations. The purpose of the competition is to universalize the substantive and procedural rules of the International Criminal Court and to promote international criminal law among law students worldwide. The ICC is working on promoting this competition in six languages (English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic). The cases are designed by International Criminal Experts and then translated to different languages by local organizations. So far, this competition has held successfully in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Among these, the ICC Moot Court Competition held in Chinese is also called for short ICC Chinese Competition. Its purpose is to bring the most cutting-edge concepts, legal principles and cases in international law and criminal law into China and to push the Chinese people’s thinking, concepts and traditions to the forefront of the development of the world’s laws. There are three roles in the competition: prosecutors, defendants defense lawyers and government lawyers, and two sessions: written and oral. Oral sessions consist of one game for each character, and then the winners and losers are determined by the scores of the memorandum and oral arguments.



There 48 universities participated in this ICC Chinese Competition, including Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University, Taiwan Soochow University. A total of 33 teams entered the race after scoring the memorandum. The competition was strongly supported by the leadership of SUFE Law School. Li Rui, the director of the experimental practice teaching center of the SUFE Law School, who has led us to win the Shanghai university student moot court competition several times. The team consists of sops and junior students, including Cao Xinwen, former court contestant, Ma Haoyang, Huang Tianxin, Yang Lu, Deng Yu, Dai Xin, Wu Dan, Chen Yanan and Meng Xiangran.


The most team members are from the special program “Anglo American law certificate class”. As a team which participated this competition for the second time, we has achieved great breakthroughs and progress. During the preparation period of three months, all team members independently studied the basics of International Criminal Law, and collected all cases relevant with the competition, including all cases of the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the European Court of Human Rights, the International Court of Justice and the Special Court for Sierra Leone. In addition, they also looked to a large number of authoritative books, dissertations, and international documents of International Criminal Law. They scrutinizing and simulating controversial issues over and over, and constantly improving the logic of argumentation to strive for perfection and precision.



In recent years, our school has done well in all kinds of mock court contests in the country. And based on the support of the college for the undergraduates’ participation in the mock court contests, it has been a great exercise in the practice of the forensic contest to exercise the legal mind, the legal capacity, and the ability of the individual to express. Expectations on better prizes in other similar contests in the future!


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