“Starting School • Welcome Week” Series
Law School of SUFE held a full-time teacher conference and new students meeting

Translated by Zhu Mengting, Sep. 2018

Editor's note: golden autumn September, vitality surges. A new batch of faces has been greeted in the university campus, and another group of young students have opened a new journey in life. On the occasion of the start of the school, let us walk into the campus, approach the teachers and students, and launch a series of reports on the “opening season • welcome new week”.

On the afternoon of September 12, 2018, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics School of Law held a grand meeting of the faculty and new students in the lecture hall of the School Training Center and its sub-conference hall. More than 400 students from the Faculty of Law and the 2018 freshmen of the college attended the meeting.The conference was chaired by Yang Le, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Law.




At the beginning of the meeting, the propaganda film of the Law School was broadcast. The students had a more comprehensive and clear understanding of the subject setting, teacher strength, international exchange, and talent training programs. Next, teachers from various disciplines came to the stage to meet with all the students and introduce them.



Professor Wang Quanxing introduced the situation of the economic law discipline. The discipline of economic law is the earliest one developed by the Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics relying on the characteristics of the school's finance and economics. It is one of the dominant disciplines of our school. The teachers of the economic law disciplines such as Shan Feiyue, Liu Shuilin, He Huan, Xia Dale and other teachers also welcomed the students and expressed their wishes and hopes.




Professor Zhu Xiaozhe introduced the development of the discipline of civil and commercial law. Civil and commercial law is a profound and profound discipline, and it is the basis for studying the legal science of various departments. The civil and commercial law team of our school has strong faculty and has achieved fruitful scientific research results in recent years. Ge Weijun, Ezra, Ye Mingyi, Wei Wei, Ding Fengchu, Li Yu, Fan Jian, Pan Xiao, Liu Yang and other civil and commercial law team teachers introduced their research and teaching areas and welcomed the students.




Professor Wang Shuyi introduced the development of the discipline of environmental law in the college. In recent years, the discipline of environmental law in Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has developed rapidly. The innovative team of environmental law has brought together a large number of young and middle-aged scholars, who have made outstanding contributions to national environmental legislation and environmental justice, and introduced Professor Mark Poustie, a famous international environmental jurist. He hopes that the new students will pay attention to environmental law and love environmental law, and expect everyone to join the ranks of environmental law. Teachers like Zhou Jiepu, Mark Poustie, Ye Yunping and Liang Shenbao on the environmental law team sent their blessings and hopes to the students.




Professor Zhang Shufang briefly introduced the discipline construction of the Constitutional Administrative Law team. Combined with the economic and financial characteristics of the school, the discipline of constitutional administrative law of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics also has the corresponding direction of economic constitution and administrative law, mainly studying the basic jurisprudence and system of economic constitution and administrative law, public finance law, government regulation law and so on. Xu Jiqiang, Zeng Jian, Wang Yuhuan, Yu Yang and other teachers of the constitutional administrative law team expressed their sincere wishes to the new students.




Professor Song Xiaoyan introduced the characteristics of the discipline of international law and the development of the discipline of international law in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. International law covers international public law, private international law, international economic law, relying on the professional advantages of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai's regional advantages. The law school focuses on combining the study of international law theory with national strategy, focusing on the combination of English and American law and comparative law research, focusing on International law is combined with domestic law. Zhang Junqi, Zhang Shengcui, Wang Yuling, Zhang Mingchao, and Xing Wangwang and the teachers of the international law team, welcomed the new students and raised hopes for their study and life.




The disciplines of criminal law, procedural law, jurisprudence, and legal history were introduced by the vice president of the law school Hu Ling. Lv Tiezhen, Li Rui, Zhang Kaijun, Chen Fang, Kang Jingjing, Zhang Tu, Jiang Jize and other teachers introduced their research and teaching fields and expressed their welcome to the students.

During the meeting between the teachers and the students, the teachers or humorous reminders, or sincere and deep expectations, caused the audience to think and resonate. The venue always gave a warm applause. The freshmen representatives also presented flowers to the teachers and gave their teachers a blessing on Teacher's Day.

After the meeting, Zhou Qian, a representative of Grade 2018 graduate students, spoke. She reviewed her experience as a graduate of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She also expressed her expectation for the upcoming graduate study life and expressed her willingness to strive for excellence. With the spirit and rigorous attitude, in the next few years, the graduate students will actively learn knowledge, equip themselves in all directions, and meet more opportunities and challenges.




Shen Yiyao, an undergraduate student of Grade 2018, spoke on behalf of the undergraduate freshmen. He expressed his sincere congratulations and gratitude to the college and the teachers. He was full of expectations for the upcoming new journey, new life and new challenges. He also expressed that he should never forget his original intention, be brave of dangers and obstructions, make unremitting efforts in future study and write his regrets with sweat.



Finally, Professor Song Xiaoyan, Dean of the School of Law, spoke. Dean Song first thanked the teachers who have worked together for the development of the college and worked together. On the road to the struggle of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, it is the physical development and silent dedication of the teachers of the whole school that has created the rapid development of the law school. The road of struggle continues. The long road requires greater perseverance and perseverance, and it's good to see new blood coming in. For freshmen, future study in law school is the process of establishing legal beliefs and training legal thinking. Legal belief is a kind of choice which is conducive to its own development in the process of human development. Only through certain procedures to defend our shared rights, human beings can benefit from a variety of rational division of labor and cooperation, thus promoting further evolution. And legal thinking will help us maintain a strong independent thinking ability before the complicated phenomenon. Independent thinking will help us to achieve ourselves that are not detached, sober, and independent. Finally, Dean Song has long hoped that through the next few years of study, students will be able to grow into a responsible and responsible person, with a tenacious spirit in a changing society, and study, work and life in a lifetime. To make yourself an irreplaceable and worthy person. I wish the new students not to be ideal and not to be young in the years of the University of Finance and Law!


After the full-time teacher conference and new students meeting, Vice-Dean of Hu Ling, Vice-Dean of Ge Weijun and the graduate counselor Liu Ming, introduced the training of graduate and undergraduate students, the basic situation of internationalization and scientific research, the basic situation of administrative office and student office. The postgraduate academic secretary Chen Junjie gave academic counseling to graduate students to help the freshmen to start a good start in the study of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.




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