Law School Holds Promotional Writing Training Seminar

Translated by Jiamin Yao, 14 Dec. 2018       

On the afternoon of November 20, 2018, the School of Law of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics invited Mr. Hong Mei from the Publicity Department of the university to give a training seminar on the design of WeChat graphics for the administrative team teachers and the students of the League and the graduate students. The lecture was given by the Party Committee Secretary of the School of Law. Yang Le hosted.



First of all, Mr. Hong gave a detailed and clear explanation of the WeChat layout method from the browser and editor selection, text layout, image layout, expression application, GIF animation, cover image and abstract, so that the teachers and students deeply feel the great wisdom of every little detail in WeChat editing. Later, Mr. Hong Mei used the school official micro-picture as an example to explain the methods and techniques of picture design. She suggested using the college buildings, geometric figures and featured props to create the images needed to express the theme by mining the historical and cultural elements of the college. Next, Mr. Hong Mei’s photo on the website of the School of Finance and Law was used as an example to explain the techniques of photography and post-processing. Finally, Mr. Hong interacted with the teachers and students on the difficult points in the training content and put forward constructive suggestions for the specific situation of the law school.



Teacher Hong’s in-depth and meticulous explanations have made the teachers and students a lot of income. Through this training, the teachers and students have a deeper understanding of the propaganda work. The lecture ended with a warm applause.



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