Professor Lv Wenzheng, member of the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, gave a special report on the "Derailment Game between the Continental Shelf and the Situation of China's Marine Rights Protection" for our school

Translated by Jiamin Yao, 14 Dec.2018

At 2 pm on November 20, 2018, Professor Lv Wenzheng, a member of the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf and a researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Second Institute of Oceanography of the State Oceanic Administration, conducted a conference entitled “Delimitation of the Continental Shelf” in the conference room on the 5th floor of the Administration Building of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. The special report was about the game and the situation of China's marine rights struggle. Professor Yang Jian, Associate Dean of the Shanghai Institute of International Studies, and dozens of teachers and teachers and students from the School of Law of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics attended the conference. The conference was hosted by Professor Song Xiaoyan, Dean of the School of Law.

Before the lecture, Professor Song Xiaoyan first gave a brief introduction to Professor Lv Wenzheng's personal work experience and major academic works and extended a warm welcome to Professor Lv Wenzheng. In the warm applause, Professor Lv started his report as the keynote speaker.



Professor Lv said that he was very happy to come to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics for the first time to share with his classmates "the demarcation of the continental shelf and the protection of China's oceans." He divided the main contents of the lecture into five parts, which were as follows: 1. The exploration and development of seabed resources is the main driving force for the establishment of the continental shelf system of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea; 2. The historical background and significance of the system of the continental shelf of the Convention. 3. The Convention on the Continental Shelf System and the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf; 4. The progress of the deliberation of the delimitation of the continental shelf and the challenges faced by the Commission; 5. The severe form of the struggle for marine rights in our country.

Professor Lv uses the Truman Announcement in September 1945 as a logical starting point to describe the impact and significance of several important historical nodes on the formulation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and three for the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The system is described in terms of the 200-mile exclusive economic zone, the continental shelf, and the international seabed area. He mentioned that when celebrating the entry into force of the 82nd United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the UN Secretary-General described the Convention as "one of the greatest achievements of this century." It has established a fair and peaceful model for determining the continental shelf for coastal countries and laid the foundation for the development and utilization of the property that the humans have inherited - the international seabed region and resources. In addition, Professor Lv talked about the legal status of island countries and islands, and specifically described the island system of Article 121 of the Convention. The Committee has received 80 formal submissions since 2001 and has completed 30 submissions so far.



Finally, Professor Lv introduced the current challenges faced by the Commission from several aspects, such as the work burden, the handling of disputes, and the consideration of complex submissions (such as the Japanese submission and the Icelandic submission). Professor Lv's proposal for the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf demarcation proposed by neighboring countries in recent years (the catalyst for warming up the East China Sea and the South China Sea issue), the excessive expansion of the continental shelf by neighboring countries violated China's core interests and discussed with the participating teachers and students, and the East China Sea. Introduction of the partial delimitation of the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles, the impact of the ruling of the South China Sea arbitration case, the arbitral tribunal's ruling and prospects. Professor Lv said profoundly: Maintaining maritime rights and interests is the historical responsibility given to us by the times.



At the end of the lecture, some of the teachers and students who came to the conference had an eager exchange with Professor Lv on some issues. Later, in the warm applause of the classmates, the wonderful lecture that lasted nearly three hours was successfully concluded. Professor Song Xiaoyan expressed her gratitude to Professor Lv for his wonderful presentation and interaction.

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