Heinonline and Westlaw Search Method and St. Louis Washington University LL.M Project Admissions Seminar Successfully Held

By Writers: Chen Luting

By Photo: Chen Luting

By Translator: Zhu Mengjun


On the afternoon of October 29, 2018, the Lecture of the Overseas Law Forum of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, HeinOnline and Westlaw Search Method and St. Louis Washington University LL.M Project Admissions Seminar, were successfully held in Room 116 of the College of Law. The lecture was chaired by Professor Luo Wei of Washington University in St. Louis and hosted by Hu Ling of Vice President of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, it attracted many undergraduates and postgraduates to attend the conference.




In the lecture, Professor Luo Wei mainly introduced the retrieval methods of HeinOnline and Westlaw databases. Developed in 1975 by Thomson Legal and Regulator's, the world's largest legal publishing group. It is an Internet search tool for international legal professionals and a combination of advanced electronic technology and global databases. Its rich resources come from publishers of laws, regulations, taxation and accounting information. Users can quickly access case, statutes, forms, treaties, business materials and more through Westlaw International. With a Boolean logic search engine, users can retrieve millions of legal documents. HeinOnline has nearly 1,700 legal journals, 675 volumes of authoritative masterpieces in the field of international law, more than 100,000 cases, more than 1,400 fine academic law monographs. All law schools in the United States have ordered them. The database is a necessary database for law teaching, research and learning. Professor Luo suggested that Heinonline is an indispensable tool for finding English law journal articles, and its journal data is very rich; Westlaw is more suitable for finding statutes and regulations. Professor Luo Wei also personally showed the students how to find English cases and laws through two databases, and interacted and tested with the audience.


During the lecture, Professor Luo Wei introduced the characteristics and enrollment conditions of Washington University of St. Louis and its LL. M project to students. He hoped that more interested students would apply for the project and enhance their understanding of the project.


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