The Fourth Forum of Law Alumni Was Held Successfully

By Translator Constance Li, November 26, 2018  


On the morning of November 17, 2018, the Fourth Forum of Law Alumni was successfully held on the 7th floor of the Yingxian Library on the Wuchuan Campus of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (thereafter “SUFE”). The forum was under the guidance of the SUFE Alumni Association and hosted by SUFE Law School. The theme of the forum is “The Mission of Legal Talents in the International Perspective.” Professor Zheng Shaohua, Assistant to the President of SUFE, Professor Zhou Jiepu, Director of the United Front Work Department of Party Committee and Director of SUFE Alumni Association, Professor Song Xiaoyan, Dean of the SUFE Law School, law school alumni and more than one hundred teachers and students attended the forum. Mr. Yang Le, Secretary of the Party Committee of the SUFE Law School, hosted the opening ceremony of the forum.



Professor Zheng Shaohua, Assistant to the SUFE President, delivered the opening speech. He firstly expressed his gratitude to the alumni guests, teachers and students who attended the meeting, and also discussed the academic community from three aspects. The first aspect is the relationship between students, alumni and schools, SUFE. With academic as a link, alumni can reflect on the shortcomings in the college learning process. And thus a feedback mechanism could be established to promote the progress of SUFE. The second aspect is about how alumni can better help schools to keep progress. He said that the best way is to come back and see. The alumni lectures and alumni forums held by schools are the most direct ways. The third is that academic relationships need to be maintained. He believed that the relationship between the school and alumni must keep developing. And the continuation of the academic community mainly lies in the continuous efforts of schools and SUFE. Finally, Professor Zheng emphasized that Law School should be inclusive, future-oriented and sustainably hardworking.



The alumni invited to attend the Fourth Forum of Law Alumni are as followings: Ms. Liu Hongnan, the alumnus of 1989 Economic Law Bachelor, the Deputy General Manager of China Commercial Group Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd., General Manager of China Commercial New International Trading Company (Shanghai) and President of Singapore Branch of the SUFE Alumni Association. Ms. Liu Ruifang, the alumnus of 1992 Economic Law Bachelor and 1996 Master of Laws and the Senior Legal Counselor of DuPont. Mr. Shi Jun, the alumnus of 2013 part-time Juris Master and the Partner of Jin Mao Law Firm (Shanghai). Ms. Lu Yi, the alumnus of 1993 Economic Law Bachelor and the Partner of Qin Li Law Firm (Shanghai). Mr. Gong Qitian, the alumnus of 1993 Economic Law Bachelor, fourth grade Senior Judge and the Judge of Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court. Mr. Huangmin, the alumnus of 1995 Economic Law Bachelor and 1999 Master of Laws and the Senior Partner of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm (Shanghai). Mr. Deng Xueping, the alumnus of 2001 Economic Law Bachelor and 2005 Master of Laws and the Deputy Director and the Senior Partner of Capital Equity Legal Group (Shanghai).


The first part, opening discussion, was hosted by Mr. Xu Donglin, a Law School alumni of the 2008 Master of Laws and a Senior Legal Director of the Chinese Culture Group (CMC Inc.). Eight outstanding alumni shared their experience in the theme of “The Mission of Legal Talents in the International Perspective.” And they also conducted in-depth discussions about the development situation of legal persons in the international environment.


The host, Mr. Xu Donglin began the first topic. He said that the current international situation and the economic environment are undergoing tremendous changes. And he revealed that the changing external environment is gestating opportunities. In connection with the Common Law Certificate Class opened by Law School in recent years, he mentioned the role that alumni should play under the premise of excellent teachers and students.



Mr. Deng Xueping briefly described his personal experience under the background of international criminal law. He talked about typical foreign-related criminal cases in Singapore, South Korea, Canada and Australia, combined with domestic heat-debated topics about cross-border counterfeit drug sales and published his unique insights in an open international perspective. At the same time, he affirmed the internationalization of SUFE Law School education and believed that the effective combination of internationalization and various sub-fields has great potential value.



Mr. Huang Min’s put forward three points centered on the sense of mission: what to do, how to do it, and why to do. The dual identity of overseas entrepreneur and lawyer made his sense of mission take root in his career, from professional fit and choice to becoming an international lawyer, to later extension of his field and more participation in international law affairs. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and communication with colleagues, and analyzed how people should develop their talents in the workplace. In his future career, he said that he will commit to cultivate more outstanding legal talents. Looked back the past time, he expressed his sincere gratitude to SUFE.



Ms. Lu Yi launched a discussion on talent cultivation. The experience of hosting the interview for professional lawyers of the Shanghai Bar Association has given her insights on the direction of career development for students. She focused on the “legal practice” and pointed out that in any field, it can be top-notch finally. At the same time, she indicated that all works need the focus. People should focus on the management of things and the control of risks. She also revealed that it is necessary to find suitable resources and to coordinate work. She then emphasized the importance of communication and coordination in international affairs. She stated that the advantage of mastering legal knowledge lies in being able to opine in the legal perspective at any time. For the confusion of the future development of the students, Ms. Lu suggested that law school students should seriously consider their career plans and begin to fully prepare.



Mr. Shi Jun is the representative of the part-time alumni. In combination with his years of experience in the cross-strait legal service market, he put forward the idea of open and integrated development. He said that the significance of mainland lawyers getting into the Taiwan legal service market is that Mainland and Taiwan have not signed any relevant contracts, and that it benefits Taiwan lawyers to better develop their careers and that it promotes mutual exchanges between lawyers on both sides of the strait. He said that the contribution as a lawyer in the cross-strait legal services market is a sense of mission.



Mr. Gong Haotian started his discussion with the mission as the core, from what mission is to why people have a mission and to how to find everybody’s own mission. He felt that his mission is hard to find but never too late. At the same time, he summed up and explained the eight words “interest, reflection, persistence, sublimation” to find the mission. Combining with the experience of being an intellectual property judge, he held the view that in the context of “innovation-driven development”, the meaning and mission of the judge’s work must be the home, society and country. Finally, Mr. Gong hoped that more and more legal talents would see the great significance of ordinary work and realize that it is closely related to the future and destiny of our country.



Ms. Liu Ruifang talked about the survival of legal persons under the wave of internationalization, combining her personal experiences and the relationship with SUFE Law School. She stated her years of hard work in the workplace. She said that under the wave of internationalization, what we should do more is to face and solve it. As to how to survive, she advocated learning to live ourselves and getting rid of any labels. She was deeply aware of the mission of this generation as a legal paving stone and the long-term road to the construction of rule of law society in China. Finally, she hoped that while finding what they are willing to do and what they favor to do, students must take the law as the criterion and avoid the mistake of entering the illegal and chaotic road.



Ms. Liu Hongnan combined the personal development experience with the advantages of the compound learning of the students in SUFE Law School and felt that the background of the SUFE study is of great help to the work. She said that the contact with suppliers and market development have greatly enriched experience. In order to adapt to the wave of international development, she started a business in Singapore, mainly engaged in procurement and consulting business. Finally, she chose to transfer the business home to Shanghai and engage in online and offline distribution. While sharing her career, she emphasized the mutual dependence and support of alumni over the years. The deep alumni affection made her very willing to contribute to the school. With the establishment of the Singapore Alumni Association, she also hoped to help alumni find their own career path.



The wonderful speeches of the guests aroused students’ discussion and thinking. In the interactive session, as to the students’ question about how to deal with the external interference factors and find out their own inner thoughts, Ms. Lu Yi thought that it is a good method that the good legal professional knowledge combines the financial courses if have spare time, taking the law as the main line, other interests as a subsidy expansion. Mr. Huang Min added the importance of the details in the process of learning, stressing that as long as one direction is focused, there will be gains and achievements. When giving answer to the question raised by a graduate who wants to work as a tax lawyer, Ms. Lu also pointed out that students should choose a cross-border comprehensive learning method of “law + other disciplines.”



After the opening discussion, Professor Zhou Jiepu, Director of the United Front Work Department of Party Committee and Director of SUFE Alumni Association, gave a speech. She summarized the theme of the previous three alumni forums and published her views on the topic selection of the forum. Professor Zhou highly summarized the contribution spirit of alumni with “passion,” and recalled the memories of the eight alumni. Finally, she expressed her gratitude to the alumni guests who were invited to attend the forum and the teachers and students who actively participated in the forum. When congratulating the forum on its successful conclusion, Professor Zhou also hopes that in the future everyone will be able to contribute more to the legal career and practice the mission of the legal person.



Finally, Professor Song Xiaoyan, Dean of SUFE Law School, made the closing speech. With the theme of gratitude, she summed up the following two points. The first is to thank the alumni for their recognition of the development of Law School. She believed that the development of alumni and the show in all walks of life are recognition and affirmation of the development of SUFE Law School. At the same time, the recommendations reflected from the alumni’s insights on the Law School’s career development, the development of outstanding talents and career planning can effectively help the work of Law School become better and better. The second is to thank the inheritance. Through the experience sharing of excellent alumni, the truth of the life passed to the students is to learn from the good, learn to think about what kind of person to become, and continue to explore in the vast world through thinking training. She encouraged students to develop the four abilities of “professionalism, mission, perseverance, self-confidence” and work together to witness the growth of SUFE Law School.



Finally, the Fourth Forum of Law Alumni has come to an end in a relaxed and active atmosphere.




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