Welcome Party for Foreign Students of Junior 2016 of Law School


Translated by Zhu Wenting, Sep 30, 2016


On the evening of 14th Sep, 2016, SHUFE’s 2016’s Welcome Party for foreign Students of Law School was held in the Bing Fen Valley in the Guoding Road campus. All foreign students include thirteen new students and twelve old students which from foreign countries such as Canada, Cambodia, Russia, and South Africa had a joyous gathering for celebrating Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese student volunteers.


Our Law School’s new teacher, Doc Dai Yue, graduated from the University of Illinois Law School, posted the welcome party. SHUFE Law’s professor Mark Poustie and professor Ezra Mitchell, who’s an international famous specialist in Environmental Law and Financial Law, full-time teachers joined Law School recently, made a short speech first, they introduced their research field. Then, the Vice Dean of Law School professor Ge Weijun and vice professor Hu Ling gave a speech to introduced shortly the situation of Law School’s full-English projects about Master and Doctor, and expressed their good hope to every new students.


On the party, every student present gave a simple self-introduction happily first, then they communicated the difference between their countries and China, their own major fields, troubles and their solutions and so on. During the party, they organized some games to help they knowing each other, and these games drew the party to a climax. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the festival for family reunion, under the atmosphere of introducing the special meaning of Mid-Autumn Festival by Chinese students, foreign students had a good taste of moon cakes.


At the end of the party, everybody took a group photo as a souvenir. This activity not only let foreign students be better in campus life, but also let them experience the warm peace in the Law School Family and in the meantime strengthened their sense of belonging. This activity isn’t only the part of Law School’s work to promote the internationalization, but has a good effect on promoting the cross-cultural communication of Law School students and broadening their horizons.


SHUFE Law has started to recruit LLM students since 2012, until 2015, it has recruited four terms about thirty-two students in total includes eight new students of 2016. The foreign students came from ten more countries which distributed in five continents like America, Brazil, Netherlands, Belgium, Russian, Armenia, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Tanzania. More than half of these students with diverse background have other law scope’s lawyer qualification, most of who have high and strong professional quality. For PhD Project, Law school started to recruit PhD from 2014, until 2015, it has recruited seven students in two terms includes three new students of 2016. LLM Project and PhD Project greatly promoted Law School’s internationalization work and make SHUFE Law make a difference in the domestic.


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