Faculties Distinguished Themselves and Made New Heights in the Healthy Culture Festival


Translated by Zhu Wenting


This Healthy Culture Festival has two “guts”, Sports Game and Badminton Competition.

Our Law School had twenty staff take part in the Rope Performance for the Opening Ceremony of the Sports Game on 25th October, their full mental state  and regular vigorous actions fully displayed our Law School’s style. In group events, they all pulled together and won the first prize in Acupressure Skipping by their superb skills. In the meantime, the teachers who took part in individual events also showed their styles and levels. Among teachers who took part in individual events, Mr. Zhang Shengcui won the third prize in 400-metre Race, Mr. Zhao Weijia won the third and fifth prize respectively in 400-metre Race and Long Jump, Mr. Liang Xingguo won the fourth prize and Mr. Yao Shaojie won the fifth prize in Short Put, Mrs Zhou Yan and Lu Yuexian won the fifth prize in different groups of Short Put and Mr. Fanjian won the sixth prize in 100-metre Race.

In the Badminton Competition, Law School’s team created a new record in SHUFE’s history. The team advanced to the quarterfinals of preliminary contest on 15th December. Then the team with Shan Feiyue, Liu Shuilin, Ge Weijun, Fanjian, Yao Shaojie, Shen Yilong, Zhou Jiepu, Wei Wei, Yao Yongmei, Pan Xiao, Miao Binjing and some other teachers and students struggles a few times, finally they succeeded in becoming the third winner in this Sports Game on 22th December. This honor relized a historic breakthrough for Law School.

Finally, congratulations and thank to the athletes who have achieved good results and honors for our Law School in this Healthy Cultural Festival.

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