The 17th International Cultural Festival of SUFE Opened Successfully


By Translator Zhu Mengjun, May 8, 2018  


On the afternoon of May 4, the opening ceremony of the Seventeenth International Cultural Festival and the International Food Fiesta were held at the Green Leaf Pedestrian Street on Guoding Road Campus. This year's cultural festival, with the concept of "combining colorful campus culture and building a harmonious international campus", is based on the theme of "opening and merging: a new era and working together",and is divided into the “See China” theme visual competition, gourmet carnival, Thai-style cultural experience activities, RUNNING SUFE, Sunshine House World Cultural Show, Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges knowledge contest and cultural performances seven activities. Leaders of the party and government schools, Cong Shuhai, Chen Hong, Fang Hua, Chen Xinyuan, and Yao Lingzhen, as well as relevant functional departments and heads of institutes, attended the opening ceremony and posed for pictures with students from various countries.




After enjoying the dance "Youth Rhythm" brought by the international student dance group, the president of the International Federation of students, Liu Ruoyi (Spain), made a speech on behalf of the students, welcomed and thanked the guests who came to participate in the International Cultural Festival, and introduced the overall situation of the International Cultural Festival. Accompanied by Huang Ruixin (Laos) singing the warm song Beautiful in white, students dressed in national costume came to power in the song.



Vice President Yao Lingzhen delivered a speech and announced the opening of the Seventeenth International Cultural Festival. Chinese and foreign student representatives applauded the salute to celebrate the International Cultural Festival.



At the International Food Fiesta, exquisite food from 34 booths formed the “world at the tip of the tongue” on the SUFE campus in the late spring and early summer. Whether it's the Chinese oil piers, or the Vietnamese spring rolls, whether it's the Malaysia coconut rice or the pork preserved in Singapore, whether it's the Brazil cheese bread ball or the Cuban " Muros ", whether it's the Turkey roast, or the hand of the Kazakhstan, whether it's the waffles in Holland or the French Macaroon, all the teachers and students present are reluctant to return. During the feast of the gourmet food, the exhibition platform also prepared a small game with national characteristics and national costume with the teachers and students on the scene. In addition to the taste of food, teachers and students participating in the activities were invited to experience the culture of each country.




Pan Jinzhi, from Indonesia, said it was the second year of his fortune, and has been looking forward to this year's Gourmet Carnival since he participated in last year's International Culture Festival gourmet carnival. Because through such an activity, you can taste delicious food in every part of the world in half a day, and enjoy the culture of every country through food.


Jin Caien from South Korea said he was very happy to participate in this activity as a volunteer in his first year in China. The main task of being a volunteer is to help Peru students prepare for the food on the exhibition booth, and to understand the food culture and other customs of Peru through volunteering.




Boris Nescheret from Russia said, "this year, Russian students prepared Russian salad and Brin cake together. Russian salad is a traditional Russian salad in Russian cuisine. The required ingredients include cooked potato pudding, carrot diced, pickled cucumbers, peas, onions, eggs, chicken diced, ham and apple cubes, mixed with mayonnaise, salt, pepper and yellow mustard, and decorated with mayonnaise. Russian salad is one of the front dishes of the new year's dinner in Russia. " As a student who attended the International Culture Festival Food Carnival for three consecutive years, Boris said, "every time it is an unforgettable experience. From preparation to activity day or even a few days, I am full of positive emotions and energy.”


Raul Roman from Mexico enthusiastically introduced the specialties Nachos and Quesadillas to the visitors. Because Mexico is rich in corn, food is mostly prepared from corn; in addition, it is worth mentioning that in most Mexican foods, the colors of the Mexican flag can be seen-green, red and white. Talking about the feeling of preparing for the International Festival of Culture, Raul Roman said, “It is really nice to have the opportunity to show Mexican food and culture, which is very helpful for everyone to know about Mexico.”




Zhang Ruiwen from Indonesia and her partners brought Indonesia's national food Gado-gado, including crisp vegetables, eggs, chili sauce, fresh coriander, fried tofu and crumped shrimp cake. Zhang Ruiwen said, "our booth has Indonesian specialties, as well as special decorations and traditional costumes for you to experience. Although the preparation period is very tired, but in order to feel the enthusiasm and culture of Indonesia, our Indonesian students also try their best to bring the most authentic taste.”


One of the most expected events of the year is the gourmet Carnival of the International Cultural Festival, because it is a platform for students from different countries to show their food to their motherland. And as a Chinese student, it can also easily taste the food in all parts of the world through this activity. His favorite food is Thailand's mango glutinous rice.





The International Cultural Festival is hosted by the International Cultural Exchange College and the League Committee, the International Federation of students, the International Federation of students' associations, the Student Federation and the association of the College of law school. In the coming week, the activities of the international cultural festival will continue. On the evening of May 10th, the closing ceremony and the exhibition of "openness and integration" will be staged at the art center.


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